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Can you name the things beginning with 'E' in the Americas?

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The southernmost of the Great Lakes.
A Canadian arctic island which is the tenth largest in the world
The capital of Alberta.
The smallest Central American country which in 1969 was involved in 'Football War' with its neighbour Honduras.
One of only two countries which has a Pacific coastline and -aptly- passed by the Equator line.
A region of tropical wetlands in the southern portion of Florida.
The location of famous large stone statues, or moai, in Chile.
A French architect famous for his work in the Statue of Liberty, various buildings, stations, and bridges in South America, as well as the namesake tower in France.
An island in Upper New York Bay famous for being the immigration gateway to USA.
Guyana and Belize is the only country in South and Central America respectively to have this language as an official language.
The highest summit of the Rocky Mountains and the high point of Colorado state.
This myth of a golden city inspired various unsuccessful expeditions in the South American interiors, such as by Sir Walter Raleigh. Also the name of Bogota's international airport
A Welsh immigrant settlement in Chubut Province, Argentina and the end of the train journey 'The Old Patagonian Express' made famous by Paul Theroux's book of the same name.
The international airport of Buenos Aires, Argentina, named after the area/city it is in but also known formally as Ministro Pistarini.
A mountain on the border of El Salvador and Honduras and the highest point in Salvadoran territory at 2,730 m.
Texas city bordering Ciudad Juarez across the Rio Grande
In the Americas, this imaginary line passes through Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil.
A transition zone between river and maritime environments with brackish water, such as found in the Gulf of St Lawrence, Lake Pontchartrain, Chesapeake Bay, and Rio de la Plata.
A province of Argentina whose capital is Parana. It borders Uruguay to the east.
Located on Fifth Avenue, New York City, this was the tallest man-made structure in the world until 1954.

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