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2005Steven Spielberg
2002Sam Mendes
2004Oliver Hirschbiegel
2007The Coen Brothers
2000Darren Aranofsky
2000Ridley Scott
2005Ang Lee
2004Michel Gondry
2009Michael Haneke
2008Tomas Alfredsson
2001Baz Luhrmann
2008Andrew Stanton
2002Steven Spielberg
2007Wes Anderson
2003Clint Eastwood
2004Marc Forster
2005Robert Rodriguez
2006Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
2002Roman Polanski
2006Guillermo del Toro
2008Danny Boyle
2005Fernando Meirelles
2004Clint Eastwood
2002Fernando Meirelles
2009Lone Scherfig
2007P.T. Anderson
2004Walter Salles
2006Christopher Nolan
2006Alfonso Cuaron
2005Liev Schreiber
2001Jean-Pierre Jeunet
2009Armando Ianucci
2009Kathryn Bigelow
2007Joe Wright
2007Julian Schnabel
2006Kevin Macdonald
2001Ridley Scott
2009Jacques Audiard
2009Neill Blomkamp
2001David Silverman
2003Sofia Coppola
2008Yojiro Takita
2008Christopher Nolan
2007David Cronenberg
2009Pete Docter
2007Andrew Dominik
2006Pedro Almodovar
2006Paul Verhoeven
2001The Coen Brothers
2008Steve McQueen
2008Clint Eastwood
2003Quentin Tarantino
2009James Cameron
2009Ruben Fleischer
2001Alejandro Amenabar
2002The Weitz Brothers
2000Christopher Guest
2000Steven Soderbergh
2008Sasha Gervasi
2009Marc Webb
2007David Sington
2007Cristian Mungiu
2007David Fincher
2004Olivier Marchal
2009Henry Selick
2009Cary Fukunaga
2003Wolfgang Becker
2007Ben Affleck
2004Quentin Tarantino
2001Steven Spielberg
2001Steven Soderbergh
2006Clint Eastwood
2004Mike Nichols
2007Frank Darabont
2004Zach Braff
2008Jonathan Demme
2008Mark Herman
2004Michael Mann
2007Ridley Scott
2008Ed Harris
2007Jason Reitman
2007Edgar Wright
2007Tim Burton
2009Michael Mann
2006Lasse Hallstrom
2008Baz Luhrmann
2007Judd Apatow
2006Sarah Polley
2001Ridley Scott
2003Richard Curtis
2000Guy Ritchie
2006Steven Soderbergh
2004James Wan
2006Paul Greengrass
2007Paul Greengrass
2006Ryan Fleck & Anna Boden
2008Martin McDonagh
2002Joe Carnahan
2005David Cronenberg
2006Guillaume Canet

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