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DescriptionBread Name
A fried, pancake-like bread made of ground corn, water, and salt. Typically topped or filled with meat, salad, or cheese.
A spongy yeast cake traditionally baked for Easter Sunday in Poland and Lithuania. Usually glazed and decorated with nuts or candied fruit.
A ring-shaped roll originating among the Jewish population of Central Europe, now available in dozens of varieties.
A long, narrow loaf made with only water, flour, yeast and salt, this product is recognizable by the slits cut into the upper surface prior to baking to allow for gas expansion.
A sweet, enriched French bread, distinguished by its high butter and egg content.
A braided bread made with eggs and sweetened with honey, traditionally made for Sabbath according to Jewish custom.
A porous Italian loaf named for its elongated, flat shape, like a slipper, and distinguished by a dusting of flour on its upper surface.
Made from an indigenous North American grain, it was originally fried in fat before being oven-baked, resulting in its signature crunchy crust surrounding a large, dense crumb.
A very thin pan-fried flour pastry, served with a variety of fillings, either sweet or savory.
A griddle cake made from flour and yeast, characterized by a flat, porous top. Popularized in Victorian England, it can be topped with sweet or savory flavors.
A fork-split yeast roll usually dusted with cornmeal. It is often used as the base for breakfast dishes such as Eggs Benedict.
A blanket term for a variety of breads, typically unleavened, ranging from a few millimeters to a few centimeters in thickness. Often used to wrap mixtures of meat and vegetables.
A thick italian bread that is brushed with olive oil prior to baking in order to retain moisture. Used as sandwich bread or topped with fresh herbs, cheese, and fresh vegetables.
DescriptionBread Name
A slim Armenian bread made with flour, water, and salt. It can be topped with seasonings, used to wrap kebabs when fresh, or allowed to harden into a crunchy consistency.
A square, cracker-like bread originally baked during the Jewish Passover Feast. Also used during the Christian celebration of Eucharist, in reference to the Last Supper.
A specialty bread made by rolling small balls of dough to dip in butter and bake in a tube pan. The balls adhere to each other, but are pulled apart to be eaten.
A leavened, oven-baked Persian flatbread popular in Indian dishes, usually served warm, brushed with butter, and used to scoop or dip other foods.
A thin, flat breakfast pastry prepared from a batter and cooked on a hot griddle, often topped with maple syrup.
A pocket bread originating in Western Asia around 2500 BC, made by allowing extreme heat to separate the layers of dough during baking.
A dark, dense bread of German origin, traditionally made with crushed flour and coarsely ground grain. It is baked for a long period to achieve its dark color.
A light, airy bread made with a chemical leavening agent such as baking powder. Its name alludes to the fact that it can be baked without waiting for kneading or rising.
A dark, fiber-rich bread made with flour ground from this grain, often flavored with caraway seeds or molasses. Its color varies based on the degree to which the flour is ground.
A British flour biscuit baked in a distinctive wedge shape. Often containing berries or nuts, they are generally served at tea with creams or jam to top them.
A flavorful bread baked using lactic-acid-producing bacteria to create a characteristic taste and aroma. It is traditionally baked using a starter from a much older batch.
A bread made from bleached flour and designed as a convenience product. Most of the fiber and nutrients are removed in the bleaching process, so the flour is artificially enriched.
A brown loaf, popular in the USA, made using flour partly or entirely milled from intact grains. Often used for sandwiches, it is typically sprinkled with cracked or intact grains.

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