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Forced Order
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Does it cost me scarring if the words stay true, even number your nephew
So the past remains the past until present
And she screamed Claudio, dear Claudio
You've been given all the power, boy. Now go and make your move
You're too old...enough to cry those sorry eyes out over the world
A broad incision sits across the evening
Dressed to the blues, day to day with my collar up
Please make up your mind girl, before I hope you die
Don't let them scare you when you're down on the floor bleeding bastard
I'll miss you when you're gone in pretending that you meant the world to me
You're frightened of leaving this truly gone fishing amalgam
This is not your place, no, this is not your playground, it's my heart
But this heart is everlasting, pushing forward, never crashing
Face step let down, face step...step down
No one runs faster than you can, No one runs faster than you
God only knows when your word isn't pure, and the blood on your hands isn't yours
This Hand, this hurt, my heart, I'll flirt with disaster, just know now man, the deal is off
When I kill her, I'll have her. Die white girls, die white girls
The world must know my story, so long Amory, Please drive me home one last time
Oh dear God, I don't feel alive when you're cut short of misery

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