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Also known as the Silver Prince
A guard at the gates of Ombra Castle
The illuminator
A physician and founder of the infirmary near the Castle of Night
Capricorn's knifeman
One of the strolling players
The king of the strolling players's companion
Healer at the infirmary
A minstrel woman
A robber
The king of the strolling players
This book gives Violante's father immortality
Part played my Meggie's father
The Fire-Dancer's daughter
The enemy in Inkheart
An assistant in the infirmary
Calf-Head's dog
A robber
A friend of Dustfinger's
One of Capricorn's men
Son of the Prince of Sighs
Also known as Stumble-Tongue
Daughter of Inkheart's author's landlady
Younger brother of the Strong Man
Entertainer and fire-eater
A robber
Avid book collector and Meggie's great aunt
Read out of Arabian Nights
Author of Inkheart
Capricorn's successor
One of Capricorn's men
One of Capricorn's men
A robber
A robber
The Fire-Dancer's horned marten
A robber
A robber
One of Cheeseface's glass men
Son of Inkweaver's landlady
Her Ugliness's son
Calf-Head's ex-glass man
Fire Dancer's wife's son
Fire Dancer's and Farid's marten
Also known as the Prince of Sighs
Known more commonly as the Strong Man
Doria's friend
Daughter of Resa
Brother of the Silver Prince's fifth wife
A minstrel woman
Fenoglio's landlady
Also known as Silvertongue
Also known as Magpie
Collective term for the healers
Band of strolling players
A healer
Also known as Moonface and Four-Eyes he read Dustfinger back into Inkheart
Moonface's bodyguard
Inkheart's author's granddaughter
Serves the Silver Prince and also known as Silvernose
Inkheart's author's grandson
Her Ugliness's grandfather
Meggie's mother
Inkweaver's grandson
Youngest daughter of Fire-Dancer
Inkweaver's glass man
Fire-Dancer's wife
A soldier of Her Ugliness
'Capricorn's hound'
A robber
Henchman or Capricorn and the Silver Prince
Follower of the Black Prince
A poor fire-eater
Servant of the Magpie
A robber
A librarian in the Castle of the Night
Silver Prince's bodyguard
Her Ugliness's page
A robber
Daughter of the Silver Prince
Her Ugliness's eldest boy soldier
Servants of Death
A robber

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