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Father of Triwizard tournament championA
Sends his own son to AzkabanB
Works with dragonsC
Hogwarts high inquisitorD
Hufflepuff prefect - book 5E
Creator of puking pastillesF
Captain of the Holyhead HarpiesG
Ends up marrying Neville LongbottomH
Deathly Hallows - Harry's ancestorI
Petrified by the BasiliskJ
Unwilling servant of Sirius BlackK
Ron's first girlfriendL
Fights Hermione at duelling clubM
Owner of the Philiosopher's stoneN
Gryffindor quidditch team captainO
Minister for Magic - book 7P
Speaks with a stutterQ
Hogwarts keeper of the keysR
The Knight Bus conductorS
Lord Voldemort's fatherT
Medieval wizard, on chocolate frog cardsU
Inhabitant of 4 Privet DriveV
Elf who doesn't suit freedomW
Editor of The QuibblerX
Serial goblin killerY
Member of DAZ

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