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QUIZ: Can you name the Tales of Symphonia Random Facts?

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Lloyd's 'dog'
Lloyd's starting level
Genis's starting weapon
The weapons collected by Abyssion
Flying craft
Floating city of Half-Elves
Number of Elemental Types
Genis's nickname in the skit 'Nicknames'
Sylvarant's moon
Worst cook in the game
Monetary unit
Colette's condition named by Raine
Item dropped into a geyser outside the water temple
Kratos's alternate appearence title
Odd cat-like creatures plauguing the worlds
Church-sponsored inns in Sylvarant
Location of cheapest inn in the game
Celsius's feral companion
Pope's Half-Elf daughter
Sheena's trick weapon
Regal's lost love
Food you make for the Gnomlettes
Chocolat's mother
The Fugitive, The Neglected, The ...
The color of Zelos's wings
Forcystus, Magnus, Pronyma, Rodyle, ...
Sorceror's Ring power in Iselia Desian Ranch
Finish the quote: 'I call upon thee in the land of the dead...
Cost of wooden blade in Iselia
Mithos Form 1 final boss TP

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