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Can you name the Supernatural Episodes by Friends Sounding Titles?

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The One Where Dean-O Was His Name-O
The One with the Life Swap
The One Where All White is the New Sam
The One With the Cardinal Sins
The One Where Dean is Convinced He's the New Hugh Hefner
The One With the Shout Out to JZ
The One With Stars Shining Right Above Me
The One Where the Winchester's Crazy Twins Get Screen Time
The One With Brooding and Pensive Shoulders
The One Where There's Nothing Past or Present...
The One Where There's No Censor
The One Where Just A Cut To Sam's Face Will Get You Killed
The One With the Nutcracker
The One Where Dean's Clearly More Into RPGs Than He Lets On
The One With the Lies and the Technical KO
The One With the Food Fettish
The One Where Sam Loses his Slight Tolerance for Asia
The One Where Camping's Not All It Cracked Up to Be
The One With Lightweight Sammy
The One Where Not All Reunions Are Hugs And Smiles

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