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Can you name the Megaman Zero Series Bosses?

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Megaman Zero
Underground Laboratory 
Disposal Center 
Underground Laboratory 
Subway Train 
Sub Desert Base 
Resistance Base 
Resistance Base 
Neo Arcadian Shrine 
Neo Arcadia Shrine 
Neo Arcadian Tower 
SubDesert Base 
Factory / Neo Arcadia Core 
Neo Arcadia Core 
Neo Arcadia Core 
Megaman Zero 2
Sand Wilderness 
Forest of Dysis 
Computer Zone 1 
Power Room 
Residential Area 
Broken Aircraft 
Forest of Notus 
Shuttle Factory 
Computer Zone 2 
Crystal Cave 
Neo Arcadian Temple 
Tower of Fire 
Tower of Ice 
Tower of Wind 
Neo Arcadia 
Neo Arcadia 
Megaman Zero 3
Derelict Spacecraft 
Aegis Volcano Base 
Oceanic Highway Ruins 
Old Residential 
Weapons Repair Factory 
Area Z 3079 / Sub Arcadia 
Twilight Desert 
Forest of Anatre 
Frontline Ice Base 
Area X-2 
Giant Elevator 
Snowy Plains 
Energy Facility 
Sunken Library 
Sub Arcadia (Cyberspace) 
Underground Laboratory 
Underground Laboratory 
Underground Laboratory 
Megaman Zero 4
Intro Car Chase 
Area Zero 
Hibernation Chamber 
Particle Beam 
Magnetic Zone 
Underground Forest 
The Prison 
Living City 
Hanging Gardens 
Artificial Sun 
Deep Sea 
Settlement / Ragnarok Control 
Teleporter Base 
Teleporter Circuit 
Ragnarok Core 
Ragnarok Core 

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