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Obtained fromSkill NameDescription
Hyleg OurobockleAttack with the sharp Buster Shot.
Poler KamrousEquip Ice Chip. It splits into 3 bullets.
Panter FlauclawsEquip Thunder Chip to use this weapon.
Phoenix MagnionPress Control Pad Up and Attack Button.
Kuwagast AnchusUse Attack Button while dashing.
Burble HekelotStab enemy then hold Attack Button down.
Fairy LeviathanPress Control Pad Down and stab enemy.
Fighting FefnirEquip Flame Chip to use.
Sage HarpuiaPress Control Pad Down and Attack Button.
Rainbow Devil Mk. IIDodge a bullet and it'll turn into a crystal.
Copy X Mk. IIReflects off of walls.
Volteel BiblioSplits shot when used with Thunder Body Chip.
Blazin' FlizardExplodes when used with Flame Body Chip.
Blizzack StaggroffShoots ice when used with Ice Body Chip.
Tretista KelverianSkewer foes by dashing with saber.
Obtained fromSkill NameDescription
Devilbat SchiltPress Down and slash during fall or slide to skewer foes below.
Hanumachine RPress Up and use saber to slice upward.
Childre InarabittaPress Down and slash to shoot a blade ahead.
Deathtanz MantiskRapidly use Rod for multi attack.
Cubit FoxtarPress Up and charge Rod to shoot above
Anubis Necromancess VShield Boomerang skims the ground
Glacier Le CactankPress Down and use Shield Boomerang to form a shield.
Popla CocapetriNon-elemental. Damage/freeze some enemies.
Mino MagnusThunder. Absorb certain energy shots.
Sol TitanionFlame. Damage enemy with explosion.
Tech KrakenIce. Attack with spear of ice.
Noble MandragoNon-elemental. Press Down in air and saber.
Pegasolta EclairThunder. Attack with saber mid-dash.
Heat GenblemFlame. Press Up and saber attack.
Fenri LunaedgeIce. Press Down and saber attack.

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