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Can you name the Final Fantasy XII marks from their respective hunts?

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Hunt NameMarkPetitioner
Red and Rotten in the DesertTomaj (Rabanastre)
Wolf in the WasteGatsly (Rabanastre)
Dalmasca's Desert BloomDantro (Estersand)
Waterway HauntingMilha (Rabanastre)
Marauder in the MinesAekom (Bhujerba)
Lost in the PuddingSorbet (Rabanastre)
For Whom the Wyrm TollsBalzac (Rabanastre)
A Scream from the SkySherral (Rabanastre)
A Tingling ToastTavernmaster (Rabanastre)
The Defense of Ozmone PlainLow-chief Sugumu (Jahara)
A Ring in the RainSadeen (Giza Plains)
The Dead Ought Sleep ForeverHigh-chief Zayalu (Jahara)
Befoulment of the BeastHymms (Mt Bur-Omisace)
A Chase Through the WoodsNera (Eruyt Village)
The Mine FlayerWarrior Guromu (Jahara)
The Deserter's RevengeNo. 381 (Estersand)
Trouble in the HillsBurrogh (Nalbina)
Adding Insult to InjuryMorgen (Nalbina)
Rodeo to the DeathVa'Kansa (Mosphoran Highwaste)
Shelled ObstructionHomesick Man (Archades)
Get My Stuff Back!Viera Wayfarer (Balfonheim)
Old Legends, Decaying BondsFermon (Archades)
The Things We Do...Insecure Seeq (Archades)
Hunt NameMarkPetitioner
The Creature CollectorBarrong (Nalbina)
Dead City WatchPopol (Nalbina)
Visitor on DeckA Traveler (Aerodrome)
The Child SnatcherMiclio (Bhujerba)
The Black SorcerorIvaness (Mt Bur-Omisace)
A Wild StenchRena (Eruyt Village)
Paying for the PastWar-chief Supinelu (Jahara)
Wyrm Wrath's RenewalIeeha (Mt Bur-Omisace)
Who's the Strongest!?Rikken (Balfonheim)
Little Love on the Big PlainsDania (Giza Plains)
The Cry of Its PowerPilika (Bhujerba)
Crime and PunishmentContrite Thief (Rabanastre)
Paradise RisenNanau (Giza Plains)
Paramina RunGurdy (Mt Bur-Omisace)
Antlion InfestationNiray (Bhujerba)
Carrot StalkZammadria (Nalbina)
Battle on the Big BridgeMontblanc (Rabanastre)
A Dark RumorMontblanc (Rabanastre)
Truth Shrouded in MistKoqmihn (Rabanastre)
Fishy DreamsWhitecap Wench (Balfonheim)
God or Devil?Montblanc (Rabanastre)
Farewell to a LegendMontblanc (Rabanastre)

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