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Can you name the title of the Megas XLR Episodes?

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Episode #Episode TitleEpisode Clue
1'Pre-Purchase Run'
2'Free-for-all Fight'
3'The only thing I sought was a slurpee'
4Obese Parody on a famous racing movie series
5'Error in the Works'
6Opposite of a Radio Breakfast...
7Popular arcade game, also known as Brick Break
8Cranial Parody on a 2000 comedy with Ashton Kutcher and Sean William Scott
9What no hero ever wants to end up as...
10'Garbage in the Back Storage'
11Where you go to get your license for a giant robot...
12Namely Parody on a french phrase meaning a sudden forced change in power
13Where you sit to drive your own giant robot...
Episode #Episode TitleEpisode Clue
14Perhaps some of Mega Man's old flings...
15Opposite of the Departure...
16Namely Parody on a 1991 comedy with Christina Applegate
17Megas-ified version of a famous Elvis Presley song about a certain city...
18'Turkey Day Toussle'
19'Super Force Seeks Assistance Soon'
20What planetary pirates hoard...
21An order given to/by Arnold Schwarzenneger in his robotic action movie series
22Megas-ified version of a Vanilla Ice song...
23Megas-ified version of a dystopian Anthony Burgess book made into a famous movie
24What you'd need to turn on EVERYTHING in a car like Megas...
25 (Part 1)'Backside Reflector, Reflector' (Part 1)
26 (Part 2)'Backside Reflector, Reflector' (Part 2)

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