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Can you name the Viera job skills from FF Tactics Advance?

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Focuses energy to increase damage on next weapon atk. (Longbow) 
Shot aimed at legs to immobilize target. (Thorn Bow) 
Shot aimed at arms to disable target. (Nail Bow) 
Shot through the heart. Charms enemy. (Artemis Bow) 
Buries zombified units immediately. (Silver Bow) 
Carefully aimed shot. Good hit rate, low damage. (Yoichi Bow) 
Blurringly fast attack. Nullifies R-abilities. (Perseus Bow) 
Closes target's eyes inflicting darkness. (Char Bow) 
Dodge bow and longbow attacks. (Green Beret) 
Focuses mind to increase attack hit rate. (Target Bow) 
Long-range combo ability for archers. (Mythril Bow) 
Deals damage and poisons like stinging bees. (Stinger) 
Attack to hinder movement, reducing target's speed. (Silver Rapier) 
Attack capable of ending all life. Dooms target. (Gupti Aga) 
Flurry of attacks. Good hit rate, low damage. (Estoc) 
Weave like a butterfly, damaging nearby units. (Djinn Flyssa) 
Strikes target's will directly, damaging MP. (Mage Masher) 
Armor piercing attack. Also hits unit behind. (Flamberge) 
Attack as swift as the hunting hawk. Can hit at range. (Joyeuse) 
Predict and avoid a regular attack. (Mirage Vest) 
Enables shield wielding regardless of job. (Bronze Shield, Round Shield) 
Failproof combo for fencers. (Mythril Rapier) 
Stops target by pinning shadow to the ground. (Fey Bow) 
Deals a swift shock, knocking out target. (Petalchaser) 
Attack aimed at throat to silence target. (Murasame) 
Puts targets to sleep and sometimes dooms them. (Kikuichimonji) 
Causes feverish chills to slow target. (Ranger Bow) 
Seals target in stone. Causes petrification. (Kotetsu) 
Addles adjacent unit. (Masamune) 
Assassin attack born from ultima magic. (Zanmato) 
Catch arrow shot at you and shoot it back. (Power Sash) 
Failproof combo ability for assassins. (Mythril Epee) 
Attack twice in wuick succession. (Twin Bow) 
Touch as gentle as a kiss. Poisons target. (Cranequin) 
Sweeps out to afflict doom with horrid speed. (Hades Bow) 
Turn transparent until you next take action. (Windslash Bow) 
Deals archer's lost HP worth of damage to HP & MP. (Max's Oathbow) 
Shot aimed to destroy armor worn by target. (Fey Bow) 
Shot aimed to destroy weapon held by target. (Master Bow) 
Shot aimed to relieve target of Gil. (Hunt Bow) 
Automatically regenerates HP when you take damage. (Gaia Gear) 
Ranged combo ability for snipers. (Mythril Shot) 
White Mage
Eases pain and heals HP. Deals damage to zombies. (White Staff) 
Heals a lot of HP. Deals damage to zombies. (Cure Staff) 
Heals a great deal of HP. Deals damage to zombies. (Spring Staff) 
Purifying light. Remedies status ailments. (Pure Staff) 
Revives KO'd unit. Deals damage to zombies. (Bless Staff) 
Revives KO'd unit and heals HP to max. Deals damage to zombies. (Nirvana Staff) 
Auto-raises KO'd unit. (Cheer Staff) 
Envelops target in holy veil. Raises magic res. (Judge Staff) 
Enveloping white cloud. Raises weapon defense. (Guard Staff) 
Doubles MP use for better damage and hit rate. (White Robe) 
Ranged combo ability for white mages. (Mythril Staff) 
Ring of flame. Damages and disables target. (Scarlette) 
Focuses power from the earth to heal HP. (Fleuret) 
Soothing fairy fire. Heals HP. (Flamberge) 
Rush of air. Damages and inflicts darkness. (Djinn Flyssa) 
Fiendish presence. Deals damage and confuses. (Joyeuse) 
Lobs a chunk of earth to damage and immobilize. (Estoc)  
Drops damaging water ball to slow target. (Silver Rapier) 
Randomly shifts resistance to elements in target. (Eprepism) 
Restores HP equal to MP cost of spells cast on self. (Lordly Robe) 
Well-balanced combo for elementalists. (Mythril Rapier) 
Red Mage
Raises weapon defense and magic resistance. (Mage Masher) 
Generates damaging ball of flame. (Scarlette) 
Calls down lightning to deal damage. (Stinger) 
Creates chunk of ice to deal damage. (Flamberge) 
Eases pain and heals HP. Deals damage to zombies. (Fleuret) 
Releases sleeping gas to put target to sleep. (Estoc) 
Spews out poison gas, poisoning target. (Silver Rapier) 
Cast two spells in quick succession. (Madu) 
Catches thrown item and places it in stock. (Chain Plate) 
Increases damage dealt by magic. (Colichemarde) 
Easily chained combo ability for red mages. (Mythril Rapier) 
Summons ____ to heal HP and status ailments. Deals damage to zombies. (Pure Staff) 
Summons ____ to deal fire damage. (Guard Staff) 
Summons ____ to deal lightning damage. (Judge Staff) 
Summons ____ to deal cold damage. (Snake Staff) 
Summons ____ to gradually heal HP. (Cure Staff) 
Summons fairy ____ to cast Reflect. (Garnet Staff) 
Summons ____ to revive KO'd ally. Deals damage to zombies. (Nirvana) 
Summons ____ to deal holy damage. (Cheer Staff) 
Cuts the amount of MP used for abilities by half. (Light Robe) 
Ranged combo ability for summoners. (Mythril Staff) 

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