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Can you name the No Mou job abilities from FF Tactics Advance?

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White Mage
Eases pain and heals HP. Deals damage to zombies. (White Staff) 
Heals a lot fo HP. Deals damage to zombies. (Cure Staff) 
Heals a great deal of HP. Deals damage to zombies. (Spring Staff) 
Purifying light. Remedies status ailments. (Pure Staff) 
Revives KO'd unit. Deals damage to zombies. (Bless Staff) 
Revives KO'd unit and heals HP to max. Deals damage to zombies. (Nirvana Staff) 
Auto-raises KO'd unit. (Cheer Staff) 
Envelops target in a holy veil. Raises magic res. (Judge Staff) 
Enveloping white cloud. Raises weapon defense. (Guard Staff) 
Doubles MP use for better damage and hit rate. (White Robe) 
Ranged combo ability for white mages. (Mythril Staff) 
Black Mage
Generates damaging ball of flame. (Rod) 
Powerful fire spell. Deals great damage. (Firewheel Rod) 
Most powerful fire spell. Deals incredible damage. (Flame Rod) 
Calls down lightning to deal damage. (Rod) 
Powerful lightning spell. Shoots a giant bolt. (Thunder Rod) 
Most powerful lightning spell. Shoots Many bolts. (Thor Rod) 
Creates chunk of ice to deal damage. (Rod) 
Powerful blizzard spell. Fires larger chunk of ice. (Sleet Rod) 
Most powerful blizzard spell. (Chill Rod) 
Counters magic attack with the same spell. (Black Robe) 
Reduces resistance to elements by one level. [absb>null>half>norm>weak]. (Sage Robe) 
Ranged combo ability for black mages. (Mythril Rod) 
Sun's power. Deals fire damage to all enemies. (Firewheel Rod) 
Storm. Deals lightning damage to all enemies. (Thunder Rod) 
Makes blizzard to deal cold damage to all enemies. (Sleet Rod) 
Deals holy damage to all enemies. (Princess Rod) 
Calls down rain of meteors to damage all enemies. (Stardust Rod) 
Waterfall deals water damage to all enemies. (Chill Rod) 
Earthquake. Deals earth damage to all enemies. (Terre Rod) 
Giant twister. Deals wind damage to all enemies. (Thor Rod) 
Absorbs MP used to cast a spell against you. (Lordly Robe) 
Cuts the amount of MP used for abilities by half (Light Robe) 
Ranged combo ability for illusionists. (Mythril Rod) 
Time Mage
Meddle with time's flow to increase speed. (Firewheel Rod) 
Slides time, allowing target to take turn early. (Thor Rod) 
Meddles with time's flow reducing target's speed. (Terre Rod) 
Reflects white, red, time, and black magic. (Thunder Rod) 
Stops the flow of time. Target is unable to act. (Chill Rod) 
Steals voice, silencing target. (Sleet Rod) 
Small gravity field. Saps 1/4 of target's HP. (Force Rod) 
Gravity field. Saps 1/2 of target's HP. (Stardust Rod) 
Take turn immediately if severely wounded. (Lordly Robe) 
Ranged combo ability for time mages. (Mythril Rod) 
Confers one-time status affliction protection. (Sage Crosier) 
Cuts the very threads of life. Instant KO. (Life Crosier) 
Drops giant meteors from space. Deals damage. (Scorpion Tail) 
Deals damage to MP. (Energy Mace) 
Sudden temperature spike. Deals damage. (Lotus Mace 
Spews out poison gas, poisoning target. (Druid Mace) 
Turns target into a frog. (Mandragora) 
Increases damage dealt by magic. (Morning Star) 
Ensures equipped items are not stolen or destroyed. (Adaman Vest) 
A failproof combo ability for alchemists. (Mythril Mace) 
Controls goblins and red caps. (DemonBell, WarTrumpet) 
Controls ice flans, jellies, and creams. (DemonBell, GlassBell) 
Controls bombs and grenades. (DemonBell, AonaFlute) 
Controls firewyrms, icedrakes, and thundrakes. (Earth Bell) 
Control lamias and liliths. (Glass Bell) 
Control antlions and jawbreakers. (Fairy Harp) 
Controls tonberries and masterberries. (Blood Strings) 
Control red panthers and coeurls. (War Trumpet) 
Control malboros and big malboros. (Aona Flute) 
Control floateyes and ahrimans. (Black Quena) 
Control zombies and vampires. (Black Quena) 
Controls sprites and titanias. (Fairy Harp) 
Control blade biters and toughskins. (Conch Shell) 
Become hasted if severely wounded. (Ninja Gear) 
Confers resistance to some status ailments. (Survival Vest) 
Failproof combo ability for beastmasters. (Mythril Bell) 
Morph into goblins and red caps. (Goblin Soul) 
Morph into ice flans, jellies,and creams. (Flan Soul) 
Morph into bombs and grenades. (Bomb Soul) 
Morph into thundrakes, firewyrms, and icedrakes. (Dragon Soul) 
Morph into lamias and liliths. (Lamia Soul) 
Morph into antlions and jawbreakers. (Bug Soul) 
Morph into red panthers and coeurls. (Panther Soul) 
Morph into malboros and big malboros. (Malboro Soul) 
Morph into floateyes and ahrimans. (Eye Soul) 
Converts HP damage to MP. Doesn't work if MP is 0. (Judo Uniform) 
A failproof combo ability for morphers. (Mythril Soul) 
Steals target's strength adding to your HP. (Energy Mace) 
Sprays inky gas. Inflicts darkness. (Druid Mace) 
Envelops target in a damaging sphere of water. (Battle Mace) 
Creates damaging whorl of wind. (Battle Mace) 
Great healing magic. Heals HP and revives KO'd units. Deals damage to zombies. (Life Crosier) 
More powerful version of 'Flare'. Area effect. (Lotus Mace) 
Creates viscous waves to damage and poison the target. (Mandragora) 
A sage attack born from ultima magic. (Zeus Mace) 
Predict and avoid a regular attack. (Mirage Vest) 
Reduces damage from weapon attacks. (Dark Gear) 
Enables shield-wielding regardless of job. (Round Shield) 
A ranged combo ability for sages. (Mythril Mace) 

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