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Can you name the Moogle job abilities from FF Tactics Advance?

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Steal armor worn by enemy. (Rondell Dagger) 
Steals shield held by enemy. (Scramasax) 
Steals accessory worn by enemy. (Jambiya) 
Steals helmet or headgear worn by enemy. (Kard) 
Steals weapon wielded by enemy. (Sword Breaker) 
Steals gil from enemy. (Jack Knife) 
Steals experience points from enemy. (Khukuri) 
Steals judge points from enemy. (Orichalcum 
Steals enemy's A-ability for your use. (Cinquedea) 
Follows up enemy attack with a counterattack. (Brigandine) 
Ensures equipped items are not stolen or destroyed. (Adaman Vest) 
Failproof combo ability for thieves. (Mythril Knife) 
Mog Knight
Charge attack that deals damage and knocks enemy back. (Flametongue) 
Raises defense and resistance for one turn. (Kwigon Blade) 
Special mog knight lunge. Can hit faraway enemies. (Atmos Blade) 
Full-force attack. Damaging but inaccurate. (Shadow Blade) 
Provides one time status ailment protection to target. (Pearl Blade) 
Peeks to discern any hidden equipment on target. (Paraiba Blade) 
Heals own HP and remedies status ailments. (Icebrand) 
Powerful mog knight attack born of ultima magic. (Materia Blade 
Become hasted if severely wounded. (Gold Armor) 
Allows shield wielding regardless of job. (Round Shield, Opal Shield) 
A failproof combo ability for mog knights. (Mythril Blade) 
Shoots bullet of crystallized fire. (Aiot Gun) 
Shoots bullet of crystallized lightning. (Riot Gun) 
Shoots bullet of crystallized ice. (Giot Gun) 
Shoots a damaging bullet that confuses target. (Chaos Rifle) 
Shoots a damaging bullet that charms target. (Peacemaker) 
Shoots damaging bullet that blinds target. (Silver Cannon) 
Shoots a damaging bullet that silences target. (Lost Gun) 
Shoots a damaging bullet that stops target. (Outsider) 
Focuses mind to increase attack hit rate. (Longbarrel)  
A long ranged combo ability for gunners. (Mythril Gun) 
Throw stocked item to deal damage. (Kris Knife) 
Uses rings to stop target in place.(Rondell Dagger) 
Hurls a molotov to damage and berserk target. (Khukuri) 
Uses juggling tools to confuse taget. (Scramasax) 
Throws a knife to damage and disable target. (Jambiya) 
Grins at target and lets the act immediately next. (Orichalcum) 
Throws gil at enemy to deal equal damage. (Jack Knife) 
Catches thrown itemand places it in stock. (Chain Plate) 
Catch arrow shot at you and shoot it back. (Power Sash) 
A failproof combo ability for jugglers. (Mythril Knife) 
Black Mage
Generate damagin ball of flame. (Rod) 
Powerful fire spell. Deals great damage. (Firewheel Rod) 
Most powerful fire spell. Deals incredible damage. (Flame Rod) 
Calls down lightning to deal damage.(Rod) 
Powerful lightning spell. Shoots a giant bolt. (Thunder Rod) 
Most powerful lightning spell. Shoots many bolts. (Thor Rod) 
Creates chunk of ice to deal damage. (Rod) 
Powerful blizzard spell. Fires larger chunk of ice. (Sleet Rod) 
Most powerful blizzard spell. (Chill Rod) 
Counters magic attack with the same spell. (Black Robe) 
Reduces resistance to elements by one level. [absb>null>half>norm>weak]. (Sage Robe) 
Ranged combo ability for black mages. (Mythril Rod) 
Time Mage
Meddle with time's flow to increase speed. (Firewheel Rod) 
Slides time, allowing target to take turn early. (Thor Rod) 
Meddles with time's flow, reducing target's speed. (Terre Rod) 
Reflects white, red, time, and black magic. (Thunder Rod) 
Stops the flow of time. Target is unable to act. (Chill Rod) 
Steals voice, silencing target. (Sleet Rod) 
Small gravity field. Saps 1/4 of target's HP. (Force Rod) 
Gravity field. Saps 1/2 of target's HP. (Stardust Rod) 
Take turn immediately if severely wounded. (Lordly Robe) 
Ranged combo ability for time mages. (Mythril Rod) 
Summons forth sheep to put target to sleep. (Glass Bell) 
Uses sheep's wool to raise own defense and resistance. (Earth Bell) 
Fully heals target's HP with delicious food. (Heal Chime) 
Wags tail cutely to charm target. (Fairy Harp) 
Summons chocobos to damage units in a line. (Satyr Flute) 
Plays tune to turn target into a frog. (Aona Flute) 
Summons a random friendly creature to aid you. (Blood Strings) 
Uses the smell of catnip to drive target berserk. (War Trumpet) 
Dodge bow and longbow attacks. (Green Beret) 
A failproof combo ability for animists. (Mythril Instrument) 
Works like 'haste'...but who will it hit? (Rising Sun) 
Works like 'dispel'...but who will it hit? (White Fangs) 
Inflicts poison...but who will it hit? (Sick Knuckles) 
Inflicts darkness...but who will it hit? (Hard Knuckles) 
Works like 'cure'...but who will it hit? (Cat Claws) 
Inflicts doom...but who will it hit? (Death Claws) 
Inflicts sleep...but who will it hit? (Dream Claws) 
Works like 'barrier'...but who will it hit? (Survivor) 
Automatically regenerates HP when you take damage. (Gaia Gear) 
Converts HP damage to MP. Doesn't work if MP is 0. (Judo Uniform) 
A failproof combo ability for gadgeteers. (Mythril Claws) 

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