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Can you name the Hume job abilities from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance?

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Disinfects wounds to heal HP and remedy status. (Shortsword) 
Weakens target's weapon attacks. (Barong) 
Reduces target's magic power. (Buster Sword) 
Deals damage to MP. (Ancient Sword) 
Reduces target's speed. (Silver Sword) 
Damages target and steals carried Gil. (Diamond Sword) 
Provokes target until they fly into a berserker rage. (Blood Sword) 
Detects hidden equipment held by enemy. (Burglar Sword) 
Can hold 2-handed swords in one hand. (Vigilante) 
Enables shield-wielding regardless of job. (Bronze Shield, Round Shield, Platinum Shield) 
Failproof combo ability for soldiers & warriors. (Mithril Sword)  
Tender care. Heals HP and remedies status ailments. (Defender) 
Raises weapon def. and magic res. for one turn. (Lionheart) 
Unit takes damage for target until next action. (SaveTheQueen) 
Hold back on an attack to deal only light damage. (Ancient Sword) 
Quickly toss weapon out of hand and back into stock. (Ragnarok) 
Convinces target to leave the field of battle. (Barong) 
Blessed aura. Deals area holy damage. (Arch Sword) 
Attack with a pure heart. Deals holy damage. (Excalibur) 
Predict and avoid a regular attack. (Genji Armor) 
Reduces damage from weapon attacks. (Diamond Armor) 
Failproof combo for paladins. (Mythril Brand) 
Full-on bull rush. Pushes target back. (Sweep Blade) 
Swinging weapon attack. Hits to front, back, side. (Ogun Blade) 
Aggressive attack. Low hit rate, but very damaging. (Shadow Blade) 
Uses aggression to sense and attack target. High hit rate, low damage. (Sun Blade)  
Releases aggression. Can damage at a distance. (Atmos Blade) 
Unleashes aggression deals area damage at a distance. (Kwigon Blade) 
Creates damaging whirlwind in front of you. (Air Blade) 
Releases aggression. Self-damaging fire attack. (Flametongue) 
Powerful counterattack (1.5 x normal atk.) after taking weapon damage. (Ninja Gear) 
Block enemy attack and counterattack. Ineffective vs. A-abil. (Wygar) 
Hold one-handed weapon in two hands. Improves weapon attack. (Venus Blade)  
Easily chained combo ability for fighters. (Mythril Blade) 
Steals armor worn by enemy. (Rondell Dagger) 
Steals shield held by enemy. (Scramasax) 
Steals accessory worn by enemy. (Jambiya) 
Steals helmet or headwear worn by enemy. (Kard) 
Steals weapon held by enemy. (Sword Breaker) 
Steals gil from enemy. (Jack Knife) 
Steals experience points from enemy. (Khukuri) 
Steal judge points from enemy. (Orihalcum) 
Steals enemy's A-ability for your use. (Cinqueda) 
Follows up enemy attack with a counterattack. (Brigandine) 
Ensures equipped items are not stolen or destroyed. (Adaman Vest) 
Failproof combo ability for thieves. (Mithril Knife 
Throw stocked item to deal damage. (Ninja Knife) 
Wood jutsu. Damage and immobilize target. (Kotetsu) 
Fire jutsu. Damages and confuses target. (Ashura) 
Earth jutsu. Damages and slows target. (Osafune) 
Metal jutsu. Damages and inflicts darkness. (Kikuichimonji) 
Water jutsu. Damages and silences target. (Murasame) 
Neutralizes status enhancements. (Heaven's Cloud) 
Attack to the head. Addles target. (Masamune) 
Become hasted if severely wounded. (Ninja Gear) 
Enables two attacks with weapons in both hands. (Nosada) 
(Mithril Epee) 
White Mage
Eases pain and heals HP. Deals damage to zombies. (White Staff) 
Heals a lot of HP. Deals damage to zombies. (Cure Staff) 
Heals a great deal of HP. Deals damage to zombies. (Spring Staff) 
Purifying light. Remedies status ailments.(Pure Staff) 
Revives KO'd unit. Deals damage to zombies. (Bless Staff) 
Revives KO'd unit and heals to full HP. Deals damage to zombies. (Nirvana Staff) 
Auto-revives target when KO'd. (Cheer Staff) 
Envelops target in holy veil. Raises magis res. (Judge Staff) 
Enveloping white cloud. Raises weapon defense. (Guard Staff) 
Doubles MP use for better damage and hit rate. (White Robe) 
Ranged combo ability for white mages. (Mythril Staff) 
Black Mage
Generates damaging ball of flame. (Rod) 
Powerful fire spell. Deals great damage. (Firewheel Rod) 
Most powerful fire spell. Deals incredible damage. (Flame Rod) 
Call down lightning to deal damage. (Rod) 
Powerful lightning spell. Shoots a giant bolt. (Thunder Rod) 
Most powerful lightning spell. Shoots many bolts. (Thor Rod) 
Creates chunk of ice to deal damage. (Rod) 
Powerful blizzard spell. Fires larger chunk of ice. (Sleet Rod) 
Most powerful blizzard spell. (Chill Rod)  
Counters magic attack with the same spell. (Black Robe) 
Reduces elemental resistance by one level. [absb>null>half>norm>weak] (Sage Robe)  
Ranged combo ability for black mages. (Mythril Rod) 
Sun's power. Deals fire damage to all enemies. (Firewheel Rod) 
Storm. Deals Lightning damage to all enemies. (Thunder Rod) 
Makes blizzard to deal cold damage to all enemies. (Sleet Rod) 
Deals holy damage to all enemies. (Princess Rod) 
Calls down rain of meteors to damage all enemies. (Stardust Rod) 
Waterfall deals water damage to all enemies. (Chill Rod) 
Earthquake. Deals earth damage to all enemies. (Terre Rod) 
Giant twister. Deals wind damage to all enemies. (Thor Rod) 
Absorbs MP used to cast a spell against you. (Lordly Robe) 
Cuts the amount of MP used for abilities by half. (Light Robe) 
Ranged combo ability for illusionists. (Mythril Rod) 
Focuses energy to increase damage on next weapon atk. (Longbow) 
Shot aimed at legs to immobilize target. (Thorn Bow) 
Shot aimed at arms to disable target (Nail Bow) 
Shot through the heart. Charms enemy. (Artemis Bow) 
Buries zombified units immediately. (Silver Bow) 
Carefully aimed shot. Good hit rate, low damage. (Yoichi Bow) 
Blurringly fast attack. Nullifies R-abilities. (Perseus Bow) 
Close target's eyes, inflicting darkness. (Char Bow) 
Dodge bow and longbow attacks. (Green Beret) 
Focuses mind to increse attack hit rate. (Target Bow) 
Long range combo ability for archers. (Mythril Bow) 
Uses weapon to create area-damage shockwave. (Cranequin) 
Sweeps monsters from the filed of battle. (Windslash Bow) 
Offers advice on tactics. Raises critical hit rate. (Twin Bow) 
Shot aimed at vital organs to cause status ailments. (Fey Bow) 
Felling blow delivered with style. Earns more JP. (Hunt Bow) 
Addles monster - temporary loss of A and R-abilities. (Master Bow) 
Hunting attack born from ultima magic. (Seventh Heaven) 
Lashing attack. Deals heavy damage to monsters. (Hades Bow) 
Puts live monsters into the monster bank. (Ranger Bow) 
Automatically regenerates HP when you take damage. (Gaia Gear) 
Improves weapon attacks to deal more damage. (Nike Bow) 
Ranged combo ability for hunters. (Mythril Shot) 
Blue Mage
Deals random damage to target. (Goblin) 
Deals damage to target's MP. (Red Cap) 
Heavy fire damage to all sides, KO's self. (Bomb, Grenade) 
Random status ailment on target. (Jelly, Ice Flan, Cream) 
Increases defense and resistance of target. (Icedrake) 
Decreases defense and resistance of target. (Firewyrm) 
Increase all stats of target. (Thundrake) 
Puts everyone except user to sleep. (Lillith) 
Area halves target's HP. (Lamia) 
100% area lowers target's defense and resistance if their level is divisible by 3. (Antlion, Jawbreaker) 
Damages and poisons target. (Panther) 
Slows target, stops them if they are Hasted. (Coeurl) 
Blue Mage(cont)
5 random status ailments on target. (Malboro, Big Malboro) 
Confuses Fron-facing targets on 4 squares ahead of user. (Floateye) 
KO's random unit on the field. (Ahriman) 
Reverses target's HP and MP. (Toughskin, Blade Biter) 
Drains HP from adjacent unit. (Zombie) 
Dark damages all units with same ones level digit. (Vampire) 
Fluttering fairy wings. Heals HP equal to own HP. (Sprite) 
Angelic sigh. Heals HP and bestows auto-raise. Deals damage to zombies. (Titania) 
Converts HP damage to MP. Doesn't work if MP is 0. (Judo Uniform) 
Confers resistance to some status ailments. (Survival Vest) 
Study attacks against you. Learn some as blue magic. (Blue Saber) 
Ranged combo ability for blue mages. (Mythril Saber) 

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