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Can you name the Bangaa job abilities from FF Tactics Advance?

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Disinfects wounds to heal HP and remedy status. (Shortsword) 
Weakens target's weapon attacks.(Samson Sword 
Reduces target's magic power. (Buster Sword) 
Deals damage to MP. (Falchion) 
Reduces target's speed. (Silver Sword) 
Powerful slam. Damages attacking unit as well. (Striborg) 
Attack so fast that target cannot react with R-abilities. (Gale Sword) 
Steals life to reduce target's HP by 1/2. (Restorer) 
Enables holding a two-handed weapon in one hand. (Claymore) 
Enables shield wielding regardless of job. (Bronze Shield, Opal Shield) 
Failproof combo ability for soldiers & warriors. (Mythril Sword) 
Jump high into the sky to deliver a spear attack. (Javelin) 
Absorbs HP from target. (Restorer) 
Persuades dragon to leave field of battle. (Buster Sword) 
Incendiary breath. Deals damage. (Lava Spear) 
Electrically charged cloud. Deals damage. (Gae Bolg) 
Icy cold breath. Deals damage. (Ice Lance) 
Ancient dragoon dragon-killing technique. (Blood Sword) 
Bangaa warrior battle cry. Deals damage. (Dragon Whisker) 
Auto-raises unit damged by weapon. (Vitanova) 
Failproof combo ability fro dragoons. (Mythril Spear) 
Slam weapon on ground to knock back nearby units. (El Cid Sword) 
Self-KO. Deals area damage equal to own HP. (Vajra) 
Raises weapon def. and magic res. for one turn. (Lionheart) 
Quickly toss weapon out of hand and back into stock. (Ragnarok) 
Hibernate to remedy status ailments. Vulnerable while asleep. (Defender) 
Damages surrounding units at the cost of speed and evasion for a turn. (Striborg)  
Enhances aura to bestow auto-life and auto-regen. (Lohengrin) 
Prevents all MP and HP damage for one turn. (SaveTheQueen) 
Go berserk if severely wounded. (Predator) 
Reduces damage from weapon attacks. (Diamond Armor) 
Easily chained combo for defenders. (Mythril Brand) 
Full on bull rush. Pushes target back. (Sweep Blade) 
Swinging weapon attack. Hits front, back, side. (Ogun Blade) 
Aggressive attack. Low hit rate but very damaging. (Shadow Blade) 
Uses aggression to sense and attack target. High hit rate, low damage. (Sun Blade) 
Fiery blade. Deals damage. (Flametongue) 
Electrically charged blade. Deals damage. (Air Blade) 
Icy blade. Deals damage. (Icebrand) 
Mageblade attack born from ultima magic. (Materia Blade) 
Block enemy attack and counterattack. Ineffective vs. A-abil. (Wygar) 
Hold one-handed weapon in two hands. Improves weapon attack. (Venus Blade) 
Failproof combo ability for gladiators. (Mythril Blade) 
White Monk
Quick spin attack, Hits the front, back, and side. (Hard Knuckles) 
Releases aggression. Can damage at a distance. (Kaiser Knuckles) 
Attack so powerful it can rend the very earth.(Tiger Fangs) 
Unleashed aggresion deals area damage at a distance. (Godhand) 
Sends energy into chakra points to heal HP. (Cat Claws) 
Sends energy through body to revive KO'd unit. (Survivor) 
Evil-banishing life chakra. Destroys zombies. (Rising Sun) 
Holy symbol. Neutralizes status enhancements. (White Fangs) 
Predict and avoid a regular attack. (Mirage Vest) 
Follows up enemy attack with a counterattack. (Brigandine) 
Very easily chained combo ability for white monks. (Mythril Claws) 
Heals a lot of HP. Deals damage to zombies. (Cure Staff) 
Weakens foe, neutralizing status enhancements. (Bless Staff) 
Deals area holy damage. (Nirvana Staff) 
Raises weapon defense and magic resistance. (Garnet Staff) 
Calls forth judge sword to steal judgement points. (Cheer Staff) 
Envelops target in a damaging sphere of water. (Spring Staff) 
Creates damaging whorl of wind. (Judge Staff) 
Halts metabolism, petrifying target. (Snake Staff) 
Counters magic attack with the same spell. (Black Robe) 
Cuts the amount of MP used for abilities by half. (Light Robe) 
Ranged combo ability for bishops. (Mythril Staff) 
Confers one time status affliction protection. (SaveTheQueen) 
Reduces the speed of nearby units. (Javelin) 
Deals damage to MP. (Apocalypse) 
Focuses power to increase damage on next weapon atk. (Partisan) 
Steals voice, silencing target. (Ragnarok) 
Soul-stealing aura. Deals damage to MP. (Arch Sword) 
Meddle with time's flow to increase speed. (Lohengrin) 
Deals damage equal to amoutn of HP lost. (Kain's Lance) 
Powerful counterattack, 1.5 x normal atk. after taking weapon damage. (Carabini Mail) 
Improves weapon attacks to deal more damage. (Trident) 
Failproof combo ability for templars. (Mythril Brand) 

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