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Can you name the zones from Vanilla WOW by the descriptions given?

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Forced Order
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Wide, desert, area. Orcs have taken up much of the area. Northwatch troops roam in the Tiragarde Keep and Zalazane trolls have taken over the Echo Isles.1-10
Once one of the seven human kingdoms, but now nothing but a ruined village with ogres and yetis roaming.42-46
Lush, forest area with outrunners and furbolg. Naga have taken up the shores too.18-30
Trolls and forest beasts are threats here. This is a home to a well known dwarf, Falstad Wildhammer.32-37
The undead now take up much of the region and have destroyed Lordaeron and built a city under it. Many of the Scarlet Crusade roam here and Rot Hide Gnolls have as well.1-10
Near Burning Steppes, this zone is home to the Dark Iron leader, Emperor Dagran Thaurissan who has kidnapped Magni's daughter, Princess Moira Bronzebeard. Home to several Dark Iron45-50
Lush, jungle with many ruins infested by trolls and has Kurzens infesting a part of the area. Venture Co. Goblins have taken over camps and great game out in the jungle as well.30-40
Forest area where the plague has came and the desociatted Scourge invaded much of the lands and Redpine gnolls and the Scarlet Crusade have taken up the region as well.51-58
Shandris Feathermoon built a camp here and is also home to Dire Maul.35-40
This zone got flooded in Cataclysm, wide desert and home to the Southsea pirates.40-45
Much of the region has water elementals and crocolisks roaming the area. Wide area for game too.15-25
The closed Gilneas is here, much of the Forsaken have taken the area.10-20
Used for lumber and home to the Talrendis night elves.44-48
Snowy landscape, several dwarf towns and camps, snow wolves and wendigos roam in the area. Water elementals roam here as well and boars do too.1-10
No one ever goes here but spiders and ogres are a threat to this area. This is also home to Karazhan.55-56
Home to many Tauren. Has a village that is named after Cairne Bloodhoof in which his son rules over.1-10
Highlands where the remains of Stromgarde Keep are and Syndicate now take up the farms and remains of homes here. Raptors and Boulderfist ogres and trolls are a great threat here a27-32
This zone is where the Dark Portal shut down by Illidan Stormrage.56-58
Forest area with crabs on the shore. Moonstalkers and bears roam the area. Naga and water elementals roam it as well.10-20
Lush, forest with dwarf encampments and towns. Spiders, gnolls, and kobolds dwell here. Dark Iron dwell here as well.10-20
Has a Cenarion Circle expedition camp and didn't have any quests at all until at a later patch.55-60
Has spiders and crocolisks mostly a threat.54-56
Dark, forest area that once had the sun shine on it until the plague came. Many bands of wild worgen and foul undead roam here.18-30
Is a wide rotten zone. Ancient demons and satyr roam here.30-35
This land is currently taken by the Defias Brotherhood. Harvest Watchers and Defias roam the farms here. 10-20
Wide marsh where Theramore Isle is located and home to Jaina Proudmoore. Some Defias kidnapped Varian Wrynn here as well and also home to the dragonkin Onyxia.35-40
Dalaran was once here, has an Alliance and Horde town, Syndicate have taken over Durnholde. One of the zones in the Caverns of Time.20-30
World's tallest tree built after the destruction of Nordrassil. Many shamblers and gnarlpines roam the area.1-10
Is a snowy mountainous area and is home to many winter bears and also a reputation faction known as the Timbermaw Furbolg.50-55
Huge, wide desert in Horde affiliation. Raptors and quilboars dwell in this zone. Several Horde encampments here.10-25
Got corrupted by the Burning Legion during the Third War.45-50
Lush, forest that has wolves and bears roam in the forests. Gnolls have taken over camps and kobolds have taken over mines. Murlocs have infested lakes as well and Defias have take1-10
Mountainous region where some of the Grimtotem tribe reside and are home to the harpies.15-27
Volcano region with dragonkin and Blackrock Orcs roaming. They are a great threat to this zone.50-58
This is a PvP game zone. It is a wide desert and home to many goblins.45-50
Home to the Cenarion Circle and many druids come here of at least level 10 when they learn their Teleport: ___________ ability. 55-60
This is home to the Redpath family and has an amazing questline. Has Scourge undead roaming around and Plaguehounds roaming.60
This zone has several tigers and lions roaming around. Ogres are mostly a threat to this zone.40-45
Mountain landscape where several gnolls have taken over camps and orcs roam in the upper region. Several lakes and caves here as well.15-25

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