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Can you name the Nintendo, Konami, Sega Main Characters?

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Forced Order
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The red italian red capped plumber.
The green italian plumber.
The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom
The King of the Koopas also has spiked turtle.
The mushroom that helps Mario often.
The dino that you could ride on.
The princess of Sahasrahla Land.
The dinos best friend.
The evil version of Mario.
The evil version of Luigi.
The green troops look like turtles.
The ape who loves bananas.
The apes buddy who has a Nintendo cap.
The apes buddys girlfriend.
The villian who steals the apes hoard.
Wise ape who gives advice.
The apes girlfriend.
Donkey Kongs buddy who saved him.
The green garbed lad or whatever you choose to name him.
The princess of Hyrule
The great King of Evil.
The 35 year old aged man who wishes he had a fairy.
Links trusty vailiant steed.
The goddess of power.
The goddess of courage
The goddess of wisdom.
The power suited lady who is really a girl.
The flying dragon that is in almost every Metroid game.
Well you know the answer of the title. It's an enemy in the game.
The brain where you have to break it's glass to find its weakness.
The monster that is a common monster.
A meta version of Ridley.
The puffball who sucks up everything.
The bat who is a knight.
He has a big hammer.
Common enemy in Kirby.
Digest apples at him.
Urchin who flies around.
Leader of Star Fox
He is a lombardi.
He is a hare hitch.
He is a annoying toad.
Leader of Star Wolf
Evil Scientist who is the antagonist in most Star Fox games.
Big boss of Star Fox.
Electric Lightning Mouse.
Puff Up like him.
Water Bird.
The trainer of the Pokemon
Aura Pokemon
Antagonist in Pokemon.
Cat like antagonist.
He is F Zero Pilot 07
He looks like a pirate.
He looks like Batman.
Her last name is a season.
A evil version of Captain Falcon
Speaks Japan.
Speaks English.
Shy Girl.
Antagonist of Fire Emblem
His name is like NES.
He had a hard life.
Only party member.
Ness's girlfriend.
Antagonist of Mother.
Leader of Metal Gear.
Girls can shoot.
Starts with a O.
Mocks Snake.
Fastest guy in the world.
Her last name is a type of flower.
When you score something you do this.
Animals wear this.
Antagonist of Sonic.
A Shadow version of Sonic.

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