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Can you name the staff ghosts Nintendo uses for each Time Trail in all Mario Kart games?{not counting the two arcade ?

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CourseStaff GhostGame
Figure 8 CircuitMKDS
Yoshi FallsMKDS
Cheep Cheep BeachMKDS
Luigi's MansionMKDS
Desert HillsMKDS
Delfino SquareMKDS
Waluigi PinballMKDS
Shroom RidgeMKDS
Tick Tock ClockMKDS
Mario CircuitMKDS
Airship FortressMKDS
Wario StadiumMKDS
Peach GardensMKDS
Bowser's CastleMKDS
Rainbow RoadMKDS
SNES Mario Circuit 1MKDS
N64 Moo Moo FarmMKDS
GBA Peach CircuitMKDS
GCN Luigi CircuitMKDS
SNES Donut Plains 1MKDS
N64 Frappe SnowlandMKDS
GBA Bowser Castle 2MKDS
SNES Koopa Beach 2MKDS
N64 Choco MountainMKDS
GBA Luigi CircuitMKDS
GCN Mushroom BridgeMKDS
SNES Choco Island 2MKDS
N64 Banshee BoardwalkMKDS
GBA Sky GardenMKDS
GCN Yoshi CircuitMKDS
CourseStaff GhostGame
Luigi CircuitMKWii
Moo Moo MeadowsMKWii
Mushroom GorgeMKWii
Toad's FactoryMKWii
Mario CircuitMKWii
Coconut MallMKWii
DK SummitMKWii
Wario's Gold MineMKWii
Daisy CircuitMKWii
Koopa CapeMKWii
Maple TreewayMKWii
Grumble VolcanoMKWii
Dry Dry RuinsMKWii
Moonview HighwayMKWii
Bowser's CastleMKWii
Rainbow RoadMKWii
GCN Peach BeachMKWii
DS Yoshi FallsMKWii
SNES Ghost Valley 2MKWii
N64 Mario RacewayMKWii
N64 Sherbet LandMKWii
GBA Shy Guy BeachMKWii
DS Delfino SquareMKWii
GCN Waluigi StadiumMKWii
DS Desert HillsMKWii
GBA Bowser Castle 3MKWii
N64 DK's Jungle ParkwayMKWii
GCN Mario CircuitMKWii
SNES Mario Circuit 3MKWii
DS Peach GardensMKWii
GCN DK MountainMKWii
N64 Bowser's CastleMKWii
CourseStaff GhostGame
Toad CircuitMK7
Daisy HillsMK7
Cheep Cheep LagoonMK7
Shy Guy BazaarMK7
Wuhu LoopMK7
Mario CircuitMK7
Music ParkMK7
Rock Rock MountainMK7
Piranha Plant SlideMK7
Wario ShipyardMK7
Neo Bowser CityMK7
Maka WuhuMK7
DK JungleMK7
Rosalina's Ice WorldMK7
Bowser's CastleMK7
Rainbow RoadMK7
N64 Luigi RacewayMK7
GBA Bowser Castle 1MK7
Wii Mushroom GorgeMK7
DS Luigi's MansionMK7
N64 Koopa BeachMK7
SNES Mario Circuit 2MK7
Wii Coconut MallMK7
DS Waluigi PinballMK7
N64 Kalimari DesertMK7
GCN Daisy CruiserMK7
Wii Maple TreewayMK7
Wii Koopa CapeMK7
GCN Dino Dino JungleMK7
DS Airship FortressMK7
SNES Rainbow RoadMK7

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