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hint3 letter word
Where you get milk from
If there's heat 'Lay____'
'Miss Piggy' for example
fasten by stitches
hear, speak and _____ no evil
what goes under a golf ball
a flying insect
a jackson 5 song
what you do at a casino
past tense of 'to meet'
something found at the door
a Mexican would call this a 'sombrero'
scorching or piping ____
an army bed
this black animal is considered bad luck
every bottle comes with one
a kind of dance
a foolish and gullible person
the past tense of 'to sit'
a rodent
hint3 letter word
singer '____ Stewart'
a commonly worshiped supreme being
a kind of fish
not a gentleman
a young boy
no good
for sleeping on
take a wife or husband
the past tense of 'to feed'
small amout
honey ___
a lair
a common name abbr.
a frying or sauce ______
a writing tool
animals kept at home
to obtain
for fishing or catching butterflies
making negative
negative prefix
short for the first working day of the week
hint3 letter word
male homo sapiens
what a dime is worth
money in Japan
mama chicken
the edge of all skirts have one
jewel or precious stone
a place to workout
'Hubba Bubba' for example
the result of adding numbers
a name
where you find a price
ugly or evil-looking old woman
to move to and fro or up and down
the milky _____
state or declare
a kind of bean
delight or bliss
something children play with

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