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Can you name the MW2 Campaign and Spec Ops Missions?

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Find and capture arms dealer Alejandro Rojas hiding somewhere in the favela.
Speed your snowmobile down the mountain.
Hunt down the favela gang.
Help Captain Price reach the Russian submarine.
Push through invading forces on the bridge to reach the safe zone.
Use C4, grenade launchers, RPG's, sentry guns, and semtex to destoy all the cars on the bridge.
Earn Makarov's trust.
Search and Destroy enemy forces in Afghanistan.
Bonus mission.
Clear all of the enemy targets as fast as possible.
Escape General Sheperd's trap in the boneyard.
Kill all 10 juggernauts using only explosives and a knife.
Race through the favela marketplace defusing the explosives.
Search for General Sheperd in the Afghan cave network.
Assist in the evacuation of civilians and key personnel in the suburbs.
Kill all 15 juggernauts on the oilrig.
Pummel your way through enemy riot shield ambushes.
Rack up a large enough body count.
Recover the ACS module from a downed sattelite.
Evade enemy patrols and ghillie snipers near Chernobyl.
Laze targets for the Stryker armored vehicle.
Locate and protect codename Raptor during the beginning of the invasion.
Escape the favela.
Eliminate ghillie snipers, elite mercs, and juggernauts guarding the estate.
Smash through enemy defences in the gulag.
Use sniper rifles, claymores, and predator drones to hold off waves of enemies.
Launch your snowmobile across the chasm before time runs out.
Defend the evac site at the Washington monument.
Defend yourself from 5 difficult waves of attackers.
Explosive ammo, vulcan minigun, blackhawk heli. Clear the way.
Board the oilrig, rescue the hostages, and clear the route to the gulag.
Rain death from above using an AC-130 to protect your partner.
Use silenced sniper rifles and cunning to slip past enemy patrols.
Get to Whiskey Hotel.
Kill General Sheperd.
Find and eliminate Makarov at his safehouse on the Georgian-Russian border.
Sabotage the remote airbase with your silenced weapons and heartbeat sensors.
Battle shadow company and juggernauts in the airplane graveyard.
Retake Whiskey Hotel.
Rescue prisoner #627.
Demonstrate proper fire control for the local trainees.
Breach and clear 2 deadly rooms full of hostiles to capture the oilrig.

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