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Izzie jeopardized Denny's life by cutting this
Ava's real name
The hospital Seattle Grace merges with
Burke won this award after leaving Seattle Grace
Two men killed Derek's father because they wanted this object
Ellis Grey suffered from this disease before she died
Sadie's nickname for Meredith
Thatcher's wife and Lexie's mother's name
The surgeon who operates on George's father
Where Cristina went for medical school
Seattle Grace's ranking goes down to this number
Finn's profession
Addison eventually moves to this city (where the show 'Private Practice is set)
Derek had a brief relationship with this nurse
This constantly-perky surgeon was in the running for chief resident, and substituted for Bailey when she was on maternity leave
Callie's full first name
Bailey's son's nickname
This resident had an abusive father and went through 17 foster care families
The nurses in the surgery department boycotted this attending for a day
This female attending supported George's decision to join the army, much to Callie's dismay
The name of Richard's and Adele's niece, who gets a prom in the hospital

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