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QUIZ: Do you know the Cicero, Pro Caelio - Notes?

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Forced Order
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Who is L. Herennius?
What is notable about, 'multa...multa...multa...multa'
What does 'sicut' introduce?
What does Cicero mean by 'multos'?
What is 'primoribus labris...extremis...digitis' an exmple of?
What technique is 'deprecari vacationem...veniamque petere' an example of?
What techniques are found in the line, 'aeris alieni, petulantiae, libidinum iuventututis'?
What techniques does Cicero use when he says, 'nulla...nulli...nullum...nulla'?
What nice words does Cicero use to describe Calius' love affairs?

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