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Can you name the attributes of Jellicle cats?

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You are or can...this
You are blind when you're
You can see in the
You dare look at a
And would sit on his
You can say of your bite that it's worse than your
You are cock of the walk when you're walking
When you fall on your head, you land on your
You are tense when you sense there's a storm in the
You can find your way blind when you're lost in the
You know how to go to the
You can ride on a broomstick to places far
Familiar with candle, with book and with
You were his friend
and his assistant:
You have been an alumnus of
You can dive through the air like a flying
You are or can...this
You can turn double
And bounce on a
You can run up a
You can swing through the
You can balance on
You can walk on a
You can sing at the same
In more than one
Duets by
And waltzes by
You can (as cats do), begin with a
That always triumphantly brings down the
You are queen of the
Singing at astronomical
Handling pieces from the
Hallelujah! Angelical

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