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HintCountryFlag Name
This flag fell from the sky in 1219
This cross flag can be traced back to at least 1277, but did not gain national status until the 16th century
This unconventional saint's flag was first known as a national symbol in 1286
This first tricolor national flag was created in the late 1500s
The use of this sun flag on ships dates back to the 1600s, but it was never officially designated the national flag - it became so out of custom
This very influential tricolor from 1693 was itself influenced by the Dutch Prinsenvlag
This 1777 flag was supposed to represent a new constellation
This 1785 red and yellow flag was designed to stand out so its ships would no longer be confused with ships of other nations
This 1793 moon flag has inspired many other flags around the world
This 1794 flag combined the colors of a great city with the royal colors
This famously square flag dates from the 1800s, the 1500s or Roman times, depending on who you believe
HintCountryFlag Name
This 1813 flag became the basis for several later South and Central American flags
This 1827 flag originally featured a cross instead of a star, but has always looked strikingly similar to the flag of its patron nation
This 1897 tricolor became the basis for the flags of many former colonies
This flag made by joining two royal pennants together dates from at least the last century, but wasn't officially adopted until 1962
Adopted in 1928, this flag is the most direct descendant of the flag of the Arab Revolt
This jagged 1932 flag predates its darker lookalike by about ten years
This 1948 flag is designed to look like a traditional prayer shawl
This 1951 flag was replaced by a much simpler design in the 1960s, but has recently been reinstated.
This 1994 flag combined traditional colors from two continents to represent unification and hope for the future
This flag of a self-styled Liberation Army dates from the early 1990s, but only became a national flag in 2011
Designed in 2008, this is probably the youngest national flag in the world

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