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QUIZ: Some random characters and facts... Easy - hard

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The chosen oneEasy
The one who found the chosen oneEasy
The chosen one's sonEasy
The chosen one's motherEasy
The chosen one's wifeEasy
Obiwan's ride on UtapauMedium
Chief of the ewoksMedium
Lando's co-pilot on the battle of EndorMedium
Darth Maul's speciesMedium
Stromtrooper that got knocked out by Luke on the death star 1 Medium
Jedi killed by Jango FettHard
First ever words spoken in the Star Wars sagaHard
Member of Max Rebo's bandHard
Bartender in the cantina scene Hard
Padme's motherHard
Wookiee senatorImpossible
Archduke of GeonosisImpossible
Commentator at the Boonta Eve PodraceImpossible
Wookiee leader on the battle of KashyyykImpossible
Three astromech droids that got blown off the Naboo starship in episode 1 (all three names)Impossible

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