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Big walking Imperial weapon
Annoying droids which attacked Anakin's ship
Jedi killed by Jango Fett
Fake location of the Rebel base
Where the ewoks live
Former chancellor of the Republic
Imperial spy in Mos Eisley
I am _______ by the kiss you should never have given me
One of Grievous's magnaguards
Jedi librarian
Jedi master's last name
Tion Medon's right-hand man
Military advisor for Palpatine
Leader of the Trade Federation
Droid commander of the invasion on Naboo
Location where the twins were born
Fought on the battle of Kashyyyk and survived
Part of Max Rebo's band
Archduke of Geonosis
Protocol droid working for the Trade Federation
Workers on Cloud City
I am your father
Snow creature on Hoth
Ship used to destroy the Death Star
Wookiee senator
Padawan portrayed by George Lucas's son

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