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The Impossible Star Wars Quiz?

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A rapper in Jabba's palaceEpisode 6
Obiwan's loud friendEpisode 3
What did Luke want to pick up at the Tosche station?Episode 4
Ki Adi Mundi is secretly...Episodes 1-3
Poggle the Lesser's second in commandEpisode 2
Tion Medon's right-hand manEpisode 3
George Lucas's sonEpisode 3
George in disguiseEpisode 3
Watch out for the ____ in the asteroid fieldEpisode 5
You might also notice a _____Episode 5 (adding on to the last question)
Who's lack of faith does Vader find disturbing?Episode 4
Little thief!Episode 6
Who says the last line in Ep3?Episode 3
Hello thereEpisode 3-4
Stop smokingEpisode 3
Rhymes with HothEpisode 2-3
Wookiee senatorEpisode 3
I don't like you eitherEpisode 4
Tries to dance with JabbaEpisode 6
Duel of____Episode 1/3
Creepy one-eyed thingEpisode 4
Wookiee battle leaderEpisode 3
What I told you was true...Episode 6
Luminous beings are we, not this ____Episode 5 (wise words)
KeiraEpisode 1
Scratches PadmeEpisode 2
Where did Aayla Secura die?Episode 3
Dad, ____ ___'s hereEpisode 2
Two main characters playing extras in the 'death sticks' sceneEpisode 2
Trying to rip off uncle OwenEpisode 4

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