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Forced Order
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No, I am your father
Now this is podracing
Hello there
I have waited a long time for this my little green friend
Do or do not. There is no try
Purple lightsaber
Great kid, now don't get cocky!
Supervised the creation the clone army
It's a trap!
I am a jedi, like my father before me
Good shot Janson!
We're doomed
Loyal astromech droid
Many bothans died to bring us this information
Blah blah midi-chlorians blah blah blah
Fat ball of slime
Monkey lizard laughing thing
I truly, deeply, love you
'And this is Lama Su'
Green guy with a green lightsaber and big black eyes (best jedi)
As you wish
Release him
Friendly Furry giant
I don't like you either
I find your lack of faith disturbing
Kills Coleman Trebor
Bent lightsaber
At last we will have our revenge
I failed you senator
It was a bounty hunter called...
That was too close!
Lando's co-pilot
Sand is corse
Techno union
Banking clan
Depends how big your pocket book is hehehehe
Dexter's waitress
You are doomed!
It will be done my lord
Double brain, great death
Another jedi, powerful, great pilot
Longest albino neck
Yub Nub
Weird looking twilek
Take your father's place at my side
Maaaybe wesa, being friends
George Lucas
Commander of the Hoth attack on the Rebels
Yousa in biiiig doodoo this time
There's no such thing as luck
Let the wookiee win
He has too much of his father in him
Commentator at the Boonta Eve Podrace
Look sir, droids
Hey! We don't serve their kind
Who is the best jedi?
You must have hacked this...
You will never get this one right... 3 astromech droids which get destroyed on the Naboo starship

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