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Can you fill in the four letter words in this Western themed Word Ladder?

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*Title of John Wayne Oscar-Winning Film (with Rung 38)*Rung 1
Predator from Jack Vance's 'Dying Earth'Rung 2
Substance used to stick objects togetherRung 3
*Early John Wayne film: ____ Steel*Rung 4
What this is.Rung 5
*The Cheyenne Social ____*Rung 6
European fresh water fish of the carp familyRung 7
Short dull sound e.g. from an engineRung 8
A common criminalRung 9
ThereforeRung 10
Common pronounRung 11
The opposite of 'fat'Rung 12
Between the knee and the ankleRung 13
Synonym for 'boat'Rung 14
A place where goods are purchasedRung 15
*The Man Who ____ Liberty Valance*Rung 16
Black substance found in ChimneysRung 17
*What a Cowboy wears on his foot*Rung 18
What crossbows shootRung 19
*Gunmaker Samuel ____*Rung 20
*John Wayne's character in El Dorado*Rung 21
Centre of a planetRung 22
*She ____ a Yellow Ribbon*Rung 23
Form of past tenseRung 24
Actor Richard ____Rung 25
Blood from a woundRung 26
Make a holeRung 27
The 'femur' is an example of oneRung 28
Something which holds two things togetherRung 28
CourageousRung 29
*MacKenna's ____*Rung 30
Group of Aborigines in central IndiaRung 31
Tender, lovingRung 32
*The Murderer of Jesse James: Robert ____*Rung 33
*____ Apache*Rung 34
An often audible discharge of intestinal gasRung 35
French word for 'fact'Rung 36
Pattern of movement for horsesRung 37
*John Wayne Oscar-Winning Film (with Rung 1)*Rung 38

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