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*Month Morrison Died*1
In a proper manner; at the proper time2
*Post-Morrison Album: ____ Circle*4
To make full5
A document containing how property is divided after someone's death6
*____ Child*7
Not severe or serious8
About 1.6km9
Place to store things on a computer10
*Light my ____*11
To go underwater13
*Album: Absolutely ____*14
*____ Her Madly*15
On one's own16
*Summer's Almost ____*17
A large metal disc instrument18
*Alabama ____ (Whiskey Bar)*19
Make musical sounds with one's voice20
Trigonomic Function21
*Break on Through to the Other ____*22
*Easy ____*23
Dish often associated with Asia24
*Manzarek's previous band: ____ and the Ravens*25
A torture device26
*____ ____ Man with Rung 36*27
Cut or chop violently28
What a chicken has instead of a knee29
Famous fictional pirate Captain ____30
Part of clothing which covers one's head31
*We could be so ____ Together*32
Thug or ruffian33
*____light Drive*34
A type of habitat35
*____ ____ Man with Rung 27*36
A first-person shooter, horror game37
Abbreviation of where a student might live38
Invertebrate that lives in the earth39
Mild temperature40
Something which is sold41
To emerge from sleep42
*____ it as it comes*43
Not real44
Slang for 'favourite'45
*____ to One*46

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