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Character NamesMovie
Colin Sullivan, Captain Queenan, Captain Ellerby
Charlie Tweeder, Darcy Sears, Miss Davis
Alan Garner, Doug Billings, Mr Chow
James Womack, Major Baxtor, Commander Anderson
Vesper Lynd, Felix Leiter, Rene Mathis
Carl Spackler, Al Czervik, Tony D'Annunzio
Travis Dane, Sarah Ryback, Admiral Bates
Frank Catton, Virgil Malloy, Turk Malloy
Sara Melas, Albert Brennaman, Allegra Cole
Ray Quick, May Munro, Ned Trent
Jim Levenstein, Michelle Flaherty, Kevin Myers
Cooper Harris, Scott Thomas, Fiona
Barry Manilow, Tiffany Henderson, Beth Wagner
Character NamesMovie
Tuna, Kevin Dulli, Pablo Escobar
Peter Bretter, Rachel Jansen, Aldous Snow
Michael Tandino, Victor Maitland, Jenny Summers
Molly Griswold, David Simms, Romeo Posar
Lou Brown, Eddie Harris, Willie Hayes
Howard Payne, Annie Porter, Captain McMahon
Ray Zalinsky, Beverly Burns, Michelle Brock
Annabelle Farrell, Jamal Jackson, Daniel Bateman
Kevin Gerrity, Corrine Maloney, Julian McGrath
Doug Whitmore, Ula, Dr. Keats
Zachary Lodge, Claire Cleary, Todd Cleary
A.J. Frost, Dan Truman, Colonel Willie Sharp
Principal Max Anderson, Eric Gordon, Miss Lippy

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