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2 types of Hydrocolloid
Mucocompressive material for primary impression stock tray for complete denture
impression material for gum shield
impression material for close fitting tray
GIC bonding
rMGIC bonding
bond between composite and enamel
bond between composite and dentine
best description of calculus
if material can withstand more stress
if material undergoes more plastic deformation
endo K file
BPE how many teeth in each sextant
Unprovoked dull/throbbing pain. not well localised. painkillers don't help
cause of root canal failure
ANUG risk factors
Provoked sharp pain, localised, painkillers help
localised pain TTT, acute swelling, mobile
Not TTT, drainage - sinus. PDL widening
Short sudden sharp pain, exposed root dentine
Swelling on gingivae, suppuration from gingivae, foul taste, pain, mobility
localised pain, IO/ facial swelling, dysphagia, trismus, halitosis
2 pockets unresponsibe to NSRSD
Perio pill
Perio review
resistance of apex locator
what is used in amalgam to reduce corrosion
gamma 2
prone to pit corrosion
tissue for free gingival graft
autogenous bone graft
root filling on non molar root filling in 1 root
buccal vertical bone defect
ferrule effect
when to place onlay
minimum thickness on cusp of onlay
primary function of sprue
what has most substantivity in mouth
more appropriate to remove GP chemical
Remove GP thermal
remove GP mechanical
Kennedy classes
articulator for fixed fixed bridge
retrograde filling material
medicament in pulpotomy
impacted canines age
shorter tooth following avulsion
contraindication for fissure sealant
fl toothpaste 0-3
fl toothpaste 3-10
fl toothpaste 10-16
fl toothpaste 16+
fluoride varnish
contraindication to inhalation sedation
MIH definition
antibiotic post extraction infection
antibiotic for pericoronitis
dry socket
review post XLA for MRONJ
Altered sensation from chin/lip
status epilepticus
what age early childhood caries
Predictor of neglect
splint for avulsion
missing all teeth
missing some teeth
missing more than 6 teeth
crown infarction
age to XLA 6s
Most expensive precious metal in gold alloy
bacteria in caries
acid in GIC
bur used to cut cast alloys
risk of MRONJ if bisphosphonates taken for
blade to cut flap
resorbable suture
contraindications to warfarin
wisdom tooth guidelines
does MIH cause delayed eruption
zone of demineralization from advancing edges
treatment of ANUG
drug avoided with asthmatics
cleaning 8s
contraindications to duraphat
lack of vitamin K
most common cariogenic sugar
drugs cause lichenoid reactions
gingival hyperplasia
long term steroids
williams probs
bacteria in ANUG
what is plaque made of
outcome of periodontal treatment
X rays for perio
bacteria for agressive perio
keratinised gingiva
when to refer
furcation grade II
impression material sensitive to soaking
impression for duplicates
side effect of xylitol
what to use to remove first bits of bone
pro-taper made from
modified stepback

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