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What is the superior-anterior attachment of the investing fascia?
Other than the SCM which other muscle is contained in the investing fascia?
Which fascial layer blends with the pretracheal laterally?
Which viscera and enclosed within the pretracheal layer?
Inferiorly what does the pretracheal layer become?
What is the superior attachment of the prevertebral fascia?
Which fascial sheath extends laterally to enclose vessels such as the subclavian?
Name the fascial sheath surounding the Vagus nerve
Why might submental lymph nodes be enlarged?
Which fascial layer surrounds the trapezius?
What is the innervation of the trapezius?
In which triangle does the circoid cartilage lie?
What nerve provides motor innervation to the sternocleidomastoid muscle?
Identify two contents of the submental triangle?
Which triangle does the sternohyoid muscle form?

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