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What structure passes through the carotid canal
What branch of the trigeminal passes through the foramen rotundum
Which two areas of skin are supplied by the nerve exiting the mental foramen?
What part of the mandible articulates with the mandibular fossa?
What artery passes through the transverse foramen?
What bone lies below the atlas?
Which vessel runs deep to the pterion?
What is the name of the 'bump' on the posterior surface of the occipital bone?
Which vessel runs through the jugular foramen?
What nerve runs through the mandibular foramen?
Which foramen does the glossopharyngeal nerve run through?
What typical features are missing from the atlas (C1)?
Thoracic, cervical and lumbar are all types of vertebra what is the fourth type?
What runs through the coronoid process?
What is the name of the superior projection on the axis?
What lies inferior to the hyoid bone?
What bone lies inferior to the lamboid suture?
What does the opthalmic artery pass through?
Which branch of the trigeminal passes through the foramen ovale?
What structure passes through the foramen spinosum?

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