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What artery supplies the parotid gland
Does a CT or an MRI show fat as white?
What runs through the stylomastoid foramen?
What is the function of the nasalis muscle?
What type of ossification occurs resulting in epiphyseal plate?
What type of ossification occurs at the frontal bond of the skull?
From what type of embryological tissue is the bone formed?
What is the action of the zygomaticus major?
Which two branches of the facial nerve supply the depressor anguli oris?
What attaches the arch of the aorta to the pulmonary trunk?
Which type of cell bodies are located at the ganglion on the paravertebral sympathetic chain?
What is the functional modality (mixed, sensory or motor) of the intercostal nerve?
What is the name of the structure in the heart which stops foetal blood from entering the pulmonary system instead of the systematic?
What is the name of the structure in the heart which joins the papillary muscles to the cusps of the heart?
Which nerve supplies the fibrous pericardium?
Which node delays conduction in the heart allowing atria to empty and ventricles to fill?
Where does the coronary sinus open?
What does the common facial vein drain into?
What are the two branches of the brachiocephalic trunk?
Which branch of the facial supplies the lower lip?
Which branch of the maxillary artery contributes to the blood supply of the lower eye lid, lateral nose and upper lip?
What structure is at risk when taking blood from the median cubital vein?
Which duct opens between the left internal jugular vein and the left subclavian vein?
Where does the masseter muscle insert?
What are the actions of the median pterygoid muscle?
Which branch of the trigeminal runs through the foramen ovale?
What are small distal branches of the inferior alveolar nerve?
What exists through the zygomaticofacial foramen?
What are the other branches of the same division of the trigeminal (as 28)?
What is the functional modality of the hypoglossal nerve (motor, sensory or both)?
What is the FDI notation of the upper right first permanent molar?
Which structures enclose the palatine tonsil?
what fibres does the dorsal rami carry?
what compartment of the thorax is the azygous vein?
where does the superior thyroid artery arise?
what nerve is immediately lateral to the trachealis muscle?
What type of joint is the costotransverse?
What level of the diaphragm does the inferior vena cava pass?
What is the name given to the level the recurrent laryngeal nerve arise?
what is the name of the facial compartment which encloses the internal jugular vein, the common carotid artery and the vagus nerve?
what artery runs through the foramen spinosum?
Which gland opens opposite the 2nd molar tooth
Which ligament attaches to the spine of sphenoid?
what does the mandibular condyle articulate with?
what runs through the mandibular foramen?
name all 4 sinuses
which vessel runs deep to the pterion?
what bone does the internal acoustic meatus run through?
before the age of 2 what is a suture?
what imaging can be used to show the parotid gland and duct?
what vessel drains into the left auricle?
what nerve is the recurrent laryngeal a branch of?
name 2 layers that make up the serous pericardium
name 2 structures in the middle mediastinum
which nerve conveys motor fibres to the diaphragm
is the vagus sympathetic or parasympathetic?
where does the superficial temporal vein drain into?
where do the opthalmic veins pass through?
which side of the lung is the horizontal fissure located?
what is the most superior structure passing through the hilum of the lung?
what muscle makes up the posterior wall of the trachea?
what surface of the heart does the left atrium form?
between which two chambers is the fossa ovalis found?
which level is the carina of the trachea?
at which level does the oesophagus pass through the diaphragm?
which hormone affects the epiphyseal plate in a child?
which nerve innervates the cricothyroid muscle?
what is the action of the posterior cricoarytenoid muscle?

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