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Can you name the Prokaryotes Protists and Fungi?

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characteristics and examplesphylogenic namemain group
purple - thick layer of peptidoglycanBacteria
uses H2 and CO2 to make methaneArchaea
pink - thin layer of peptidoglycan, has phospholipidsBacteria
Parasitic bact. that causes the most common STD in the USbacteria
'sac fungi'Fungi
flagella with crystalline rodProtist - Excavata
have flagellumFungi
most common in forming mycorrhizae relationshipsFungi
lives in very salty enviromentsArchaea
lives in very hot environmentsArchaea
monophyletic group that descended from ancient protists that engulfed a cyanobacteria - ex. red and green algae ('seaweed'), charaphytes (closely related to land plants) and land pProtist Supergroup
'hairy' flagellum (ex. diatoms (silica walls), golden algae, brown algae ('seaweed'))Protist - Chromalveolata - ^^
characteristics and examplesphylogenic namemain group
modified bacteria and no plasmids (giardia)Protist -Excavata
modified bact. and no plasmids (trichomonas vaginallis)Protist - Excavata
lobe-shaped pseduopods (gymnamoebas, entameobas, and slime molds)Protist - Unikonta
typical fungus found on foodFungi
only bacteria that lacks cell walls; tiniest of cellsBacteria
type of proteobacteria that causes stomach ulcersBacteria
group of photoautotrophs that are plant-likeBacteria
group that includes the bacterium that causes anthrax and the bacteria that produces the botulism toxinBacteria
called 'sulfur bact.' because they carry out a type of photosynthesis that involves oxidizing H2St Bacteria
prossess membrane bound sac beneath membrane (ex. dinoflagellates ('red tide'), apicomplexa (malaria), ciliates (paramecium)Protist - Chromalveolata -evolved by secondary endosymbiosis
Supergroup that includes amoebozoans, fungi, animals and choanoflagellatesProtist Supergroup
use rotating flagellum to move spirally; cause of syphillis and Lyme's diseaseBacteria
supergroup that includes: forams (calcium carbonate shells - white cliffs of Dover) radiolariansProtist

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