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Can you name every fishman and merman in One Piece?

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Sun Pirates
Sea Bream Fishman 
Whale Shark Fishman 
Goatsbeard Brotula Merman 
Sawshark Fishman 
Octopus Fishman 
Smelt-Whiting Fishman 
Ray Fishman 
Goldfish Fishman 
Ocean Sunfish Fishman 
Carp Fishman 
Salmon Fishman 
Pelican Eel Fishman 
Pop-eyed Goldfish Fishman 
Arowana Fishman 
Hammerhead Shark Half-Mermaid 
Tiger Blowfish Fishman 
New Fishman Pirates
Great White Shark Fishman 
Blue-Ringed Octopus Merman 
Cookie-Cutter Shark Fishman 
Hammerhead Shark Fishman 
Wobbegong Fishman 
Giant Squid Fishman 
Daggertooth Pike Conger Fishman 
Marbled Rockfish Fishman 
Porcupine Fish Fishman 
Other Pirates
Billfish Fishman 
Loach Half-Fishman 
Shark Fishman 
Octopus Fishman 
Bullhead Shark Fishman 
Fighting Fish Half-Fishman 
Ryugu Government
Coelacanth Merman 
Goldfish Mermaid 
Shark Merman 
Oarfish Merman 
Opah Merman 
Smelt-Whiting Mermaid 
Catfish Merman 
Seahorse Merman 
Mermaid Café
Shortfin Mako Shark Mermaid 
Kissing Gourami Mermaid 
Striped Beakfish Mermaid 
Righteye Flounder Mermaid 
Olive Flounder Mermaid 
Bluestriped Angelfish Mermaid 
Smelt-Whiting Mermaid 
Goldfish Mermaid 
Red Drum Mermaid 
Bluefish Mermaid 
Fusilier Fish Mermaid 
Ryugu Citizens
Octopus Fishman 
Grouper Mermaid 
Grouper Mermaid 
Grouper Mermaid 
Grouper Mermaid 
Grouper Mermaid 
Long-Horned Cowfish Fishman 
Icefish Mermaid 
Bering Wolffish Merman 
Large-Eye Bream Fishman 
Cusk-Eel Mermaid 
Mullet Fishman 
Soldierfish Fishman 

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