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Can you name the Character Names in Stephen King's IT?

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description of charactercharacter
Stuttering protagonist leader of Loser's Club
Large boy in 1958, becomes thin architect in 1985
1985 limo driver, who has a compass in his head
Oft beaten woman, great aim with a slingshot
Wiseacre, four-eyes, fan of rock and roll and doing voices/impressions
Persnickety and neat Loser's Club member, with an birdwatching habit
Last member to join Loser's Club, knows the most of the history of Derry
Big-time bully, eventually loses his sanity, but not his thirst for vengeance against the Losers
Bowers' less violent cronie
Reginald, another of Bowers' cronies, can certainly burp
description of charactercharacter
Dead brother to the leader of the Losers, killed by the Derry monster
Famous fictitious actress, marries one of the Losers
Crazed maniacal husband, also married to one of the Losers
Murdered his brother, later consumed by giant flying leeches
Homosexual victim of the Derry monster
Uppity child of the Derry elite, later personifies a zombified version of herself
Somewhat cruel drugstore owner
Killed by Creature from the Black Lagoon
Irish cop, inspires one of Richie's more useful impressions
Murderous pseudonym for the Derry monster

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