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Can you name the 'Saw' movie that each 'saw trap' is from?

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TrapAlternate Title
Bathroom TrapN/A
Knife ChairN/A
Carousel TrapThe Dog Pit
Angel TrapThe Ribcage Harness
Fish Hook TrapSpeak No Evil
Needle PitN/A
Razor Wire MazeN/A
The Public Execution TrapThe Love Triangle
The CubeThe Water Box Trap
The Pig VatThe Pig Pool
Reverse BeartrapJaw Trap
The Hanging TrapThe Decision Lines
The Pendulum TrapN/A
The Metal CasketThe Suspended Cage
The RackThe Twisting Crucifix
Venus Fly TrapThe Death Mask
TrapAlternate Title
The Scalping SeatThe Hair Trap
The Razor Box TrapThe Hand Trap
The Bathtub TrapClose The Circuit
The Mausoleum TrapEyes Sewn Shut
The Furnace TrapN/A
The Flesh ScalePound of Flesh
The Ceiling JarsThree Points of Safety
The Flammable JellyThe Combination Safe Room
The Bedroom TrapThe Limb Trap
The Breathing RoomThe Oxygen Crusher
The Drill ChairN/A
The Car TrapThe Junkyard Trap
The Freezer RoomThe Ice Maiden
The Nerve Gas HouseN/A
The 10 Pints of BloodThe Blade Table
The Spike Trap'Save As I Save'

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