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Dirty mouth and the look of death. My tequila coming' from your breath. Your lips are like a cherry bomb with teeth. Losing control...Stop Drop and Roll!
Oh Mother Mary, take my hand, I'll be a saint, I'll be your man,I'll do most anything, 'cause I don't care, Oh Mother Mary...Mother Mary
Lucky Strike and I will travel, As a Pabst Blue Ribbon unravels, Gonna drink my hard earned pay, 'Cause it doesn't matter anyway, yeah Seeing double on a one last... Ruby Room
Baby's in her hour of darkness. Everything she feels is hopeless, Disconnected from the dancehall. Tripping on her heart of purple. Is this passion or...Red Tide
I polish off the bottle I'm throwing down the throttle...Broadway
Marie, would you make a bid, On a broken invalid?Marie, would you drink my wine? We could live on...She's A Saint Not a Celebrity
Well, come on baby take a chance And get your **** together, Well, come on baby take a risk Until it comes out right Drop your shadow on a...Sally
LyricsMissing LyricsSong
Ya alligator, ya space-invader, Ya swamp-dweller making your rounds Ya agitator, I'll see ya later, Don't stand so close to my... Alligator
It don't take a genius to be an idiot It don't take a Jesus to save my soul Well it's my time and it's my time to go. Pedestrian is what I am I'm an understated The Pedestrian
I can see the ledge now Golden Gate is falling from behind (falling from behind) Well if you call this living, I just wanna hang my head and...27th Ave. Shuffle
There's a rain tonight Fallin' from the sky There's a liars moon tonight,The dark... Dark Side Of Night
Little pieces of sticks And a bucket of stones I'm afraid I'll be leaving you all alone But I come back around Got some pieces of truth Even though it won't make no... Pieces Of Truth
I'm on a midnight death trip. I'm on a mission from God. A stolen car and a death wish. To hell on... Highway 1

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