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Sea West of ThailandA
Film shot in Koh Phi Phi starring Leonardo di CaprioB
Longest river flowing wholly in ThailandC
Infamously smelly fruit with lots of spikesD
National animalE
Type of market which is accessed by boatF
Official residence of the reigning monarchG
Name given to the groups living in the highland areas including the Akha, Karen and HmongH
Time zone observed by Thailand (UTC +07:00)I
American designer who helped the Thai silk industry before he disappearedJ
Local name for 'ladyboys'K
Kingdom that existed from the 13th-18th centuries and was centred in Northern Thailand L
Thai martial art sometimes called Thai boxingM
The subject of Songkran celebrations that takes place on April 13N
Song featuring Thailand's capital made famous by the musical 'Chess'O
National dish of ThailandP
The wife of the reigning monarchQ
Peninsula popular to rock-climbers due to its large limestone cliffsR
Former name of ThailandS
Iconic vehicle used widely in cities with three wheelsT
Nickname of Bo Sang due to its large population of craftsmen who specialise in this item: ________ VillageU
Name of one of the highest bars in Bangkok, and what you may experience if you look downV
Type of fights common during Songkran celebrationsW
Item that alleged corruption took place over in Suvarnabhumi Airport X
The first female prime minister of ThailandY
Type of garden a Buddhist monk might visit to find peaceZ

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