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Name of the extinct volcano situated in EdinburghA
Largest mountain in ScotlandB
Last battle fought on Scottish soilC
Birthplace of Andrew Carnegie whom New York's Carnegie Hall is named afterD
Council Area including the towns of Haddington, Longniddry and North BerwickE
The world's largest arts festival, hosted by EdinburghF
Rock type Aberdeen is famed forG
Metonym for the Scottish Parliament based on its locationH
Claimed 'Last King of Scotland'I
Inventor of the televisionJ
Glaswegian art gallery and museum - the most visited in ScotlandK
Largest lake by surface areaL
Shakespeare's 'Scottish Play'M
First female First Minister of ScotlandN
Archipelago where Kirkwall is situatedO
Nation Scotland attempted to colonise in the Darien SchemeP
Name assigned to the Forth bridge under constructionQ
Scottish King known as Braveheart (despite the film focusing on a different man)R
One-word nickname for the Scottish flagS
Weapons programme centred in FaslaneT
National animal of ScotlandU
Westernmost permanantly inhabited islandV
Largest train station in Edinburgh, named after a novel by Sir Walter ScottW
Number of Scottish Council Areas in roman numeralsX
Name of campaign that aimed for independence during the 2014 referendumY
Home of Tian Tian and Yang Guang: Edinburgh ___Z

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