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American state that borders Canada but no other stateA
Largest islandB
The tallest free-standing structure in the Western HemisphereC
America's northernmost city with a population exceeding 1 millionE
Vulpine surname of 'Back to the Future' and 'Stuart Little' starF
Largest lake entirely in CanadaG
TV show that follows Amy and Lou Fleming on a ranchH
Official winter sportI
Canada Day's monthJ
Actor who portrayed Neo in 'The Matrix'K
Official summer sportL
Largest Francophone cityM
Largest territoryN
Capital cityO
Smallest provinceP
Head of StateQ
First husband of Scarlett JohanssonR
Trapezoid-shaped provinceS
Largest cityT
Country Canada gained independence fromU
Location of Canada's largest portV
Host Mountain Resort of 2010 Winter OlympicsW
Former village located in Saskatchewan that shares its name with a Warrior PrincessX
Territory central to the Klondike Gold RushY
How the letter 'z' is famously pronounced in CanadaZ

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