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Can you name the movies from their babelfish translations?

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The fun thing in forum happened in methodKorean
Shawshank the payment by instalmentsGerman
Randello of fightItalian
An orange of the hour workDutch
Eternal sunshine of the stainless reasonRussian
The treasure of the mountain range MotherSpanish
A time and a time in AmericaGreek
Indiana Jones and final movementChinese traditional
The soup for the old person nilKorean
Loves DogsSpanish
Brei un lifeJapanese
a tram named the wishGreek
The island of blindDutch
Pirates the West Indies: Curse of black the pearlsRussian
All calm down on the western front sideGerman
There will be spiritItalian
Lion wagesKorean
Dream An Lingmi scattersChinese-simp
The ExtraterrestiallyGerman
Good, bad and it is scurvyJapanese
Lord of [kets]: Return of tsarRussian

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