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QUIZ: Can you name the Pirates of the Caribbean names?

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Forced Order
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The notorious and savvy pirate
who is the true captain of the
is captured and imprisoned by
who is a good friend of
whose daughter is
who is admired by the blacksmith
who wants to rescue her from
and his pet
and the wood-eyed sailor
and his friend
with the help of old
and the midget
and the pirate lady
and the mute man
who minds the boat at the house of
who placed a curse on
who is the captain of the
and is the master of [debtor's] old shipmate
and sets loose the
which is ordered to be killed by
whose henchman is
who invades the bath house of
who seeks to release the sea goddess
with the help of his thievish club
whose Code is kept by
who rescues his son from the forces of his highness
who seeks a treasure also sought by
who is the captain of the
and is the father of
who serves on the ship with a man named
who lures mermaids with his singing, including
who falls in love with
who is not part of the mutiny contrived by

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