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Where did Rowan (the training expert) get his MBA from?
What brand of jacket does Brent buy to compete with Neil?
Over which pub did Finchy throw a copper kettle?
At what time did the nightclub 'New York, New York' used to shut?
What two prizes did Ricky the temp win on Blockbusters?
What brand of car does Jeff Lamp own?
What are the names of Donna's parents?
What is the only fruit Brent likes?
Brent raised money doing fun runs for which charity?
What model of car has Gareth bought and done up?
What football team does Chris Finch support?
What profession is Neil's fiancee?
What shop did Brent's dad think there was a sniper on?
What is the name of Glynn (Taffy's) dog?
What song is playing when Tim and Dawn kiss at the Christmas party?
Who was Gareth's deputy during his invetigation into the porno email?
How long has Brent worked at Wernham Hogg?
Brent has a quote from which Des'ree song on his office wall?
Which book is Dawn seen reading on several occasions?
What is the name of the guy who doesn't recognise Brent in the fruit and veg shop?

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