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What brand of shirt does Finchy wear to Chasers?
How much does The Office raise for Comic Relief?
Which type of animal is there a poster of on reception?
What brand of jelly did Tim put Gareth's stapler in?
What is Gareth's rank in the TA?
Which DJ plays the compere at Mumbo Jumbo's?
What room number is Rowan staying in when roleplaying as a hotel guest?
At Brent's motivational speaking gig, which company does fellow speaker Mark Fround work for?
Which three things does Brent list as his way of making cutbacks to Jennifer?
What time does the speaking clock announce when Brent pretends to call Finchy?
Where does Rachel say her family has a holiday home?
What sandwich does Lee bring Dawn in the Comic Relief episode?
Which popstar is there a calendar of in the office kitchen?
Which The Corrs song is playing that causes an argument between Brent and Neil?
What is the name of the venue Gareth went go-karting at?
How much did Brent spend releasing his own single?
The actor who played Ricky the temp in the original pilot of The Office, played which character in series two?
Who provides the voice of Paul Shepherd, the man who leaves two messages on Brent's answerphone?
At which conference did Brent and Neil once meet?
Which city in Florida do Lee and Dawn live in?

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