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Can you name the Dragons from mythology, legend, literature and cinema?

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The classic dragon brought to the world by Strong Bad
The Father Of Dragons, a fire breathing Tolkien dragon killed with Gurthang, the Black Sword of Turin Turinbar
Japanese dragon, God of the Sea who was able to transform into human shape
The love interest of Donkey in the Shrek series
Animated Disney Dragon who befriends young orphan Pete and visits the town of Passamaquoddy
Cousin of the four Pevensie siblings(Chronicles of Narnia), during The Voyage of the Dawn Treader he is transformed after falling asleep on a Dragon's hoard
Traditional Chinese Earth dragon, controls rivers and waters on Earth
Large golden dragon from Dragon Tales who speaks with a Mexican accent
A former guardian spirit sent by the ancestors to protect Mulan. Character voiced by Eddie Murphy
Legendary British dragon that lived in a well in Duck's Pool Meadow , possibly killed by St. George (Not St. George's Dragon)
From Greek mythology, he guarded the Golden Apple Tree of Hera in The Garden of the Hesperides. According to some legends he was killed by Hercules
A high ranking female dragon from the Enchanted Forest Chronicles (Dealing With Dragons)
Dragon hatched by Rubeus Hagrid then given over to Charlie Weasley in the Harry Potter series
Winged serpent god from MesoAmerica
Hatched from a 'stone' by Eragon, a female blue dragon. The last female in Alagaƫsia
Legendary flying British wyrm that lived in the Serpent's Well in South Yorkshire.
Dragon who lived by the sea, befriended a young boy named Jackie Paper, in a land called Honah Lee
Tolkien dragon who lived at Lonely Mountain (Erebor) and guarded his treasure. He was shot with the Black Arrow by Bard the Bowman of Esgaroth
Traditional Chinese Celestial/Heavenly dragon, protects the regions of the gods
Star Wars universe dragons from the planet Tatooine.
The two headed dragon from Quest For Camelot (Both names)
Traditional Chinese Underworld dragon, guards precious metals and gems, and varius buried treasures
Minor Dragon Tales character, confined to a wheelchair
Lightning breathing dragon from Dave The Barbarian
From Norse mythology, he grew so large he could surround the Earth and grasp his own tai. His arch enemy is the god Thor
Serpent like water beast with multiple heads from Greek Mythology, killed by Hercules during the second labor
Dragon that fatally wounds Beowulf
Name give to the Night Fury Dragon in the film How To Train Your Dragon.
The mightiest Tolkien dragon, bred by the Dark Lord in the First Age. Even he was still unable to melt the one ring
Aquired at the Bazaar on Deva (in the MythAdventures series), Skeeve believes the dragon to be his pet, but it could be vice-versa
'Mistress of Evil' from Disney's Sleeping Beauty
From the movie Dragonslayer, he demands sacrifices from the villagers of Urland
Tolkien dragon from the Grey Mountains slain by Fram son of Frumgar
Traditional Chinese Spiritual dragon, he is master of storms and bringer of rain
Character from the British animated series Noggin The Nog
According to Norse legend he started life as a dwarf (or giant), turned into a dragon and was killed by Siegfried
Dragonheart character voiced by Sean Connery, he is the last of his kind and performs staged fights with the knight Bowen
The dragon who 'fights' Sir Giles in a classic Disney short
The small shy pink female dragon from Dragon Tales. She has 74 brothers and sisters
The cowardly dragon from the classic Ogden Nash poem
The witch from The Sword In The Stone who transformers herself during the Wizards Duel
From Dragon Tales, the large male dragon that can turn invisible
The 'Luck Dragon' from The NeverEnding Story who assists Atreyu in finding a cure for the Empress, to save Fantasia from the nothing
From the anime film Spirited Away, he is shown as a boy and is under the spell of Yubaba
The two headed male/female dragon from Dragon Tales. (Both names)

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